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Failures of Afghanistan Pullout Fade for Voters; Afghanistan Was a fiasco and Our Woke Military, Political Leaders Will Never Be Held Accountable

U.S. Army via AP
Failures of Afghanistan pullout fade for voters:
It dominated the headlines in the summer of 2021 and raised serious questions about the Biden administration’s basic competence. President Biden’s approval rating took a sharp hit, and it looked to be a potential political liability for Democrats.
Just 15 months later, however, America’s botched military exit from Afghanistan is barely a blip on the radar screen for voters.
The withdrawal from Afghanistan, which marked the final chapter of the longest war in U.S. history, is having little measurable impact on midterm elections, according to analysts and polling data. With inflation and crime on the rise, debates raging over immigration and abortion, and the Russia-Ukraine war nearing its ninth month, American political dialogue has little bandwidth for Afghanistan and the ramifications of the pullout on U.S. national security in the years to come, analysts say.
That reality may have been difficult to imagine during the darkest days of the withdrawal when 13 Marines were killed in a terrorist suicide bombing at the Kabul airport. Days earlier, the Taliban swept into Kabul and retook control of the country from a government that the U.S. spent two decades and more than $2 trillion trying to prop up.
The withdrawal dominated news coverage for weeks. Among the most troubling, enduring images from the ground showed desperate Afghans clinging to the sides of airplanes as they tried to flee the country rather than face a second round of strict Islamist rule by the Taliban. --->READ MORE HERE
KT McFarland: Afghanistan was a fiasco and our woke military, political leaders will never be held accountable:
There is something seriously wrong with the senior leadership of our armed forces
Tuesday, the U.S. military’s three top generals testified at the Senate Armed Services Committee about the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Secretary of Defense General Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, and the head of the U.S. Central Command General Franklin McKenzie, were like three little kids who put their hands over their eyes, ears, and mouths – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
The generals insisted they did nothing wrong, they bore no responsibility for what happened. They deflected, bobbed, weaved and tried to spin one of the most significant military disasters into U.S. military history as a great success.
Nothing was their fault! It was the incompetent Afghan military! It was the corrupt Afghan president! It was the weather!
By the time the generals were finished, they even threw President Joe Biden under the bus.
All three military leaders claimed they advised Biden, in person, that a sudden and complete withdrawal would lead to the immediate collapse of the Afghan military and government. Yet President Biden has said that all his generals agreed in his withdrawal plans. He was just carrying out their recommendations. --->READ MORE HERE
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