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Democrats and Republicans Say DHS Isn’t Prepared for the Looming Migrant Surge; Mayorkas Calls Border ‘significant challenge’ — After Saying It Was Secure; Biden’s Deputies Will Not Appeal Judge’s Decision to Open the Border by Ending Title 42

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Democrats and Republicans say DHS isn’t prepared for the looming migrant surge:
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Thursday that he has a “plan” to deal with what’s expected to be an even worse border situation once he carries out a judge’s order to no longer use pandemic powers to oust illegal immigrants.
Both Democrats and Republicans expressed skepticism that his plans will work.
“I am extremely worried that DHS is not ready, and that border communities and migrants will suffer the costs for this lack of preparation,” said Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona Democrat. “It’s obvious the border strategy being implemented at our southwest border is not working, and that change is necessary.”
Mr. Mayorkas insisted he is on top of the situation.
“We do have a plan,” he said.
He pointed to a recent policy expelling Venezuelan migrants who jump the border without permission. His department says that expulsion power has cut the number of Venezuelans from 1,100 a day down to 300 a day.
The problem, said Sen. James Lankford, Oklahoma Republican, is that the department is about to lose that expulsion power.
A federal judge earlier this week ruled that the government must stop relying on Title 42, a pandemic-era power to expel illegal immigrants at the border rather than allow them the chance to make claims of status here in the U.S. --->READ MORE HERE
Mayorkas calls border ‘significant challenge’ — after saying it was secure:
Which Alejandro Mayorkas is correct?
The Homeland Security secretary contradicted himself during a Senate hearing Thursday, admitting that the US is facing a “migration crisis” days after claiming the border with Mexico was secure.
“Is the southern border currently in crisis, yes or no?” Senate Homeland Security Committee ranking member Rob Portman (R-Ohio) asked Mayorkas.
“The entire hemisphere is suffering a migration crisis,” Mayorkas answered. “We are seeing an unprecedented movement of people from country to country. It is not restricted to the southern border. We are seeing an unprecedented movement of people throughout the Western hemisphere.”
As proof, Mayorkas cited the case of Venezuela, a country with a population of “between 25 and 28 million people. Approximately 8 million of them have left that country.”
“I would ask you for a yes or no answer [on] the southern border,” Portman insisted. “I’ve been to Colombia twice in the last year, I’m very aware of what’s going on with regard to the displaced people out of Venezuela, and for that matter, Nicaragua and Cuba. But the question is all the more pressing. So what are we doing about it? Shouldn’t we be changing our policies at the border to deal with it? … So my question to you again is, is the southern border currently in crisis, yes or no?” --->READ MORE HERE
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