Monday, October 31, 2022

Defiant Arizona Governor Puts More Shipping Containers Along Mexican Border; Kari Lake Expects Arizona Shipping Container Lawsuit to Go to Supreme Court

AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File
Defiant Arizona governor puts more shipping containers along Mexican border:
Federal officials told Gov. Doug Ducey to remove containers two weeks ago
The state of Arizona has begun installing shipping containers along another section of the U.S.-Mexico border to fill gaps that aren’t covered by a border wall.
The move announced by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday to install stacks of containers in Cochise County in south-eastern Arizona came two weeks after federal officials told him to remove containers he had placed along the border in southwestern Arizona.
Ducey sued in federal court on Friday, asking a court to allow the state to keep more than 100 double-stacked containers topped with razor wire in place near the community of Yuma, which sits near the California border. It also mentions U.S. Forest Service land where the new containers are being placed hundreds of miles (kilometers) to the east.
The containers near Yuma were placed in August to fill gaps in the border wall as Ducey ratcheted up political posturing against what he called the inaction of the Biden Administration in stopping migrants from entering the state from Mexico. --->READ MORE HERE
Twitter Photo/Doug Ducey
Kari Lake expects Arizona shipping container lawsuit to go to Supreme Court:
Republican gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake said she is prepared to continue Arizona’s legal challenge defending the use of shipping containers at the border all the way to nation’s highest court.
“This will go to the Supreme Court and we will win this battle,” Lake said Sunday during an AZTV7 political event that was scheduled as a debate with Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs, who declined to appear.
“We have the right as a state, we are sovereign, to protect our border. And we intend to do it and we are ready for the legal fight,” Lake told moderator KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Mike Broomhead.
Gov. Doug Ducey filed a lawsuit in federal court last Friday defending the state’s use of shipping containers to close gaps in the southern border barrier. --->READ MORE HERE
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