Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Brazilian Smuggler Exploits Biden Border Rules to Supply Restaurants With Cheap Labor; Father and Son Charged, Woburn Restaurants Raided in Connection with Human Smuggling Operation

AP Photo/Eric Gay
Brazilian smuggler exploits Biden border rules to supply restaurants with cheap labor:
Forced labor, bogus asylum cases, family loophole: smuggling case reveals holes in border
A newly revealed migrant smuggling case out of Massachusetts is shedding light on several massive holes in the U.S. immigration system, including the “family loophole,” asylum fraud and using illegal immigrant labor to undercut U.S. workers’ wages.
The Brazilian man accused of orchestrating the smuggling bragged about how easy it was to game the system. He said he paid close attention to changes at the border to know where to send his clients and what to tell them to say to gain a quick catch-and-release.
In one conversation with an informant that federal agents recorded, he pointed to the importance of sending migrants to the border with children in tow because it means they would almost certainly be set free in the U.S. rather than blocked at the boundary line.
“We know that the government can’t hold these people there because of the children,” said the man, Chelbe Moraes, according to a translation that agents provided to the federal court in Massachusetts.
Chelbe Moraes is at the center of the accusations, which also include Jesse Moraes, his brother, and Hugo Moraes, Chelbe’s nephew and Jesse’s son. They stand accused of running a years-long smuggling operation that ran from Sao Paulo to the streets of Boston.
Authorities say they and others cajoled Brazilians to make the illegal journey across the border, charged them roughly $20,000 to facilitate their trip, provided them with contacts and documents and bribed Mexican authorities to smooth the journey. --->READ MORE HERE
Father and son charged, Woburn restaurants raided in connection with human smuggling operation:
Several Massachusetts homes and businesses were raided by federal agents early Tuesday morning in connection with a yearslong investigation involving the smuggling of Brazilians into the United States.
Agents were seen working at two restaurants located along Main Street in Woburn, The Dog House Bar & Grill and Taste of Brazil. Those restaurants are operated by Jesse James Moraes, 64, and his son, Hugo Giovanni Moraes, 42, both of Woburn, a court document shows.
A spokesperson for Homeland Security Investigations confirmed that the agency and the Department of Labor Office of the Inspector General served search and arrest warrants at both residences and businesses in Woburn. Woburn Police were also involved in the effort.
According to documents filed Monday in federal court, Jesse and Hugo Moraes face charges of encouraging and inducing an alien to come to, enter, and resident in the U.S. for financial gain; and conspiracy to commit and aiding and abetting the previous acts.
According to an affidavit, Jesse Moraes and his brother recruited individuals who wished to be smuggled into the United States through Mexico. Some, including whole families, were sent to Woburn.
The agent also wrote that Moraes' brother sometimes encourages the migrants to make false claims and falsify applications for asylum. --->READ MORE HERE
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