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Randi Weingarten and Her Teachers Unions Own the Tragedy of Kids’ Massive Learning Loss During School Closures; Test scores show how teacher’s union head Randi Weingarten damaged an entire generation of kids, and other C-Virus related stories

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Randi Weingarten and her teachers unions own the tragedy of kids’ massive learning loss during school closures:
Scores on the national reading and math tests plummeted during the pandemic — a tragedy of epic proportions. Those who pushed to keep schools closed need to be held accountable, starting with the teachers unions, and their top boss, Randi Weingarten.
Overall, 9-year-olds scored, on average, seven points lower on the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ math test last winter than two years earlier, just before the pandemic erupted. That’s the steepest fall ever. They also scored five points lower in English, the sharpest plunge in 30 years.
Math scores for black students — who tend to live in areas where the unions kept schools closed longest — fell a whopping 13 points. (Talk about “systemic racism”!)
On the reading test, scores dropped 10 points for the lowest-performing 10th percentile (for kids of all races).
The downturns come after years of steady gains: “These are some of the largest declines we have observed in a single assessment cycle in 50 years of the NAEP program,” fretted Daniel McGrath of the National Center for Education Statistics, which administers the test. --->READ MORE HERE
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Test scores show how teacher’s union head Randi Weingarten damaged an entire generation of kids:
In a surprise to nearly no one, children’s reading and math scores have plummeted. National Assessment of Educational Progress, nicknamed “the nation’s report card,” results show the first-ever drop in math and the largest drop in reading in more than 30 years. Black children had an even bigger collapse in scores. Decades of educational progress undone. Poof.
Horrific. Stupid. Unnecessary.
We know the school closures did this. It wasn’t the COVID virus. It was the hyper-political reaction, from the left, on reopening schools during the pandemic.
The orders came from the top. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued the directives. Kids had to be kept six feet apart in classrooms. Why? To this day, no one knows. It made no sense when implemented, since we knew the COVID virus was airborne, and it made even less sense when it arbitrarily switched it to three feet later in the 2021 school year.
Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, kept flipping back and forth on school opening before finally settling on the nakedly partisan position of arguing that President Biden’s spending plan must pass before schools could open. This was in February 2021, when schools around the country in places that didn’t live or die by his whims had been open for months.
But absolutely no one did more damage to children than American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. Weingarten, a far-left activist who regularly pushes her bonkers ideas into our schools, was instrumental in keeping schools closed. In a world divided into “essential” and “nonessential,” Weingarten made sure that public schools were the latter. --->READ MORE HERE
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