Saturday, September 3, 2022

ICE Identifies Cop-Killer Suspects as Illegal Immigrants; Two Brothers Charged With Murder in Shooting Death of NC Deputy

Ethan Hyman/The News & Observer via AP
ICE identifies cop-killer suspects as illegal immigrants:
Three Mexican brothers identified as part of an investigation into the shocking killing of a North Carolina sheriff’s deputy were all in the country illegally — including one who was caught and released at the border under the Trump administration.
Alder Alfonso Marin Sotelo, 25, and Arturo Marin Sotelo, 29, have been charged with murder in the killing of Wake County Deputy Ned Byrd.
Their younger brother Rolando Marin Sotelo, 18, faces a weapons charge but has not been charged in connection with the deputy’s killing.
All three sneaked into the country, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Arturo was first arrested jumping the border as a juvenile in 2010 and was allowed to return to Mexico. Authorities don’t know when he sneaked back into the U.S.
Border Patrol agents first nabbed Rolando as a juvenile in Arizona in October 2019. He was sent back to Mexico but returned two months later. He showed up 1,000 miles to the east at an official border crossing in Brownsville, Texas.
Though he lacked permission to enter, he did so anyway under what is known as “parole.” Nearly three years later, he still hasn’t had his immigration hearing. --->READ MORE HERE
Photos: Wake County Sheriff's Office
Two brothers charged with murder in shooting death of NC deputy:
Two brothers have been indicted on murder charges in the death of Wake County Deputy Ned Byrd.
Arturo Marin-Sotelo, 29, was previously charged in Byrd's murder, but Raleigh ABC affiliate WTVD is reporting Tuesday's grand jury indictment also identified his brother Alder Alfonso Marin-Sotelo, 25, as a suspect.
Byrd was killed earlier this month in eastern Wake County. Investigators said he was shot several times sometime between 11 p.m. Aug. 11 and 1 a.m. Aug. 12.
He was wearing a protective vest and had gotten out of his unmarked SUV while on patrol to check on something and left his canine partner, Sasha, inside.
Investigators have video from the scene of the crime. --->READ MORE HERE 
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ICE confirms suspected cop killers are illegal immigrant

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