Monday, September 5, 2022

Armed Forces of Ukraine Destroy 5 Russian Ammunition Storage Sites and Hit Ferry Crossing; Invaders count losses from explosions at military facilities in Crimea; UKR Armed Forces hit RU targets in Kharkiv and Kherson oblasts; How Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet keeps Ukraine online, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy five Russian ammunition storage sites and hit ferry crossing – Operational Command South:
The Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed five Russian ammunition storage sites in the Bashtan, Beryslav and Kherson districts of Kherson Oblast in Southern Ukraine. Also, the UAV control centre near the village of Pravdyne and the ferry crossing near the settlement of Kozatske have been damaged.
Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook
Details: 102 Russian soldiers have been put out of action. 6 Russian tanks, an Msta-B howitzer, a Grad multiple rocket launcher, a mobile 120-mm mortar and 8 armoured vehicles have been destroyed.
It is noted that during 1 September, Russian fighters and attack aircraft struck Ukrainian positions in the Beryslav district three times, but no casualties have been reported. Instead, one of their attack aircraft was damaged. The aftermath of the attacks is being further established.
Ukrainian air defence has also destroyed an air-launched missile fired by the Russians from a Su-35 fighter jet at Bereznehuvate hromada [administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories - ed.] in Mykolaiv Oblast. --->READ MORE HERE
Invaders count losses from explosions at military facilities in Crimea:
According to Russian invaders, preliminary damage from explosions at Russian military facilities in the Saky and Dzhankoi districts of Crimea were estimated at 700 million roubles [approximately US$11.6 million].
Source: Sergey Aksyonov, chairman of the occupation authorities of Crimea, on the air of Millet, the Russian state-owned TV channel in Crimea, reports Crimea.Realities [news agency]
Quote from Aksyonov: "The total amount of losses that we sent [to receive subsidies] to the government of the Russian Federation is more than 700 million roubles. The money will be allocated for support [of infrastructure and civilians - ed]"
Details: The damage assessment is to be completed next week, he said.
In general, according to Aksyonov, more than 4,000 buildings were damaged.
  • In recent weeks, the sounds of explosions have been heard almost every day in the occupied Crimea and Sevastopol. The Russian authorities explain this by saying that they shoot down "Ukrainian drones" and "the air defence systems are working". 
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