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81 Suspects on Terror Watchlist Found at Border Since Biden Took Office: Gov. Abbott; More Migrants Coming Through Mexico From Far-Flung Countries: Analysis

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81 suspects on terror watchlist found at border since Biden took office: Gov. Abbott:
A staggering 81 individuals on the US terrorist watchlist have been stopped at the border since President Joe Biden took office, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted.
The Republican governor cited data from US Border Patrol showing its agents have encountered 66 people on the terror watchlist at the US border this fiscal year. Another 15 people on the list were stopped the year Biden took office.
In previous years, Border Patrol agents had only encountered 3 terror suspects a year or none at all.
The terror watchlist is a federal database of all known or suspected terrorists, and most people on the list are not US citizens, said the FBI. In the last decade, the list has grown to include those could be a potential threat to the US or who are associates of those who are threats.
“The sharp rise in apprehensions of the watchlisted individuals coincides with a significant rise in overall border encounters,” the US Border Patrol said.
Since October, Border Patrol has encountered 1.8 million people at the southern Border of the US. That’s more than four times the number of people who arrived at the US border in 2020, when 405,036 were stopped at the border. --->READ MORE HERE
More migrants coming through Mexico from far-flung countries: analysis
The number of migrants coming to the US from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries has shifted to people making the journey from as far away as Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela in the last few years as the Biden administration struggles to handle the surge at the border, a new analysis finds.
Traditionally, the bulk of migrants setting out for the southern border came from Mexico and the countries that make up what’s known as the Northern Triangle — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.
But those numbers have shifted to Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela and Nicaragua in recent years — representing a dramatic increase of 11,000% since 2007, according to the analysis of Border Patrol statistics by CNN.
“US Border Patrol encounters still show more migrants from Mexico attempting to cross the Southwest border in July than from any other individual country. But so far this fiscal year, for the first time, encounters with migrants from outside Mexico and the Northern Triangle are outpacing encounters with migrants from either of those regions​,” the report said.
According to the analysis, 732,661 migrants from outside Mexico and the Northern Triangle have arrived at the border in fiscal year 2022, which ​ends on Sept. 30, compared to 630,442 from Mexico and 683,894 from the Northern Triangle.
In 2020, the number of migrants from the “other” countries was only 43,715.
The nearly 178,000 Cubans who were stopped along the southern border between October and July already exceed the number who fled the communist island nation during the massive Mariel boatlift of that began in April 1980.
About 125,000 freedom-seeking Cubans crammed onto vessels bound for Florida before the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro ended the exodus six months later. --->READ MORE HERE
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