Saturday, August 6, 2022

TX Gov Greg Abbott Invites D.C., NYC Mayors to Visit Border for Personal Look at Migrant ‘crisis’; Migrant Busing Complaints Prompt Abbott Invitation to Border, and related stories

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Texas governor invites D.C., NYC mayors to visit border for personal look at migrant ‘crisis’:
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday invited the mayors of New York and Washington to visit the border and get a first-hand look at the surge of illegal immigrants that are now overwhelming communities far from the boundary.
Mr. Abbott urged the two Democratic mayors, who have been critical of the GOP governor, to instead turn their fire on President Biden, saying his “reckless open border policies” are the reason for the unprecedented number of people being caught then released onto American streets.
“Your recent interest in this historic and preventable crisis is a welcome development — especially as the president and his administration have shown no remorse for their actions nor desire to address the situation themselves,” Mr. Abbott wrote in a letter extending the invitation.
New York Mayor Eric Adams and Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser have complained in recent weeks that their cities’ services are being stretched by the arrival of several thousands illegal immigrants.
They have placed particular blame on Mr. Abbott, one of two governors who is busing migrants released in his state to the nation’s capital. Ms. Bowser has even suggested that Texas has “tricked” migrants into getting on the buses. --->READ MORE HERE
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NYC and D.C. Migrant Busing Complaints Prompt Abbott Invitation to Border:
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has hit back in an ongoing spat with the Democratic mayors of New York City and Washington, D.C., over migrants.
Since April, Texas has bused more than 5,200 foreign migrants to major cities across the country, with a further 1,100 being sent from Arizona, according to KXAN News. Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey have characterized this system as a voluntary offer to help migrants reach family in other cities. It has also been characterized as a political maneuver by the Republican state leaders in response to President Joe Biden's handling of U.S.-Mexico border policy.
In the wake of these migrant influxes, New York Mayor Eric Adams and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser have expressed alarm and criticized Texas and Arizona for the practice. Bowser on Friday requested that the D.C. National Guard be activated indefinitely to help with the migrants arriving in the city.
In response to Adams and Bowser, Abbott released a statement inviting them to visit the border, while also continuing to take swipes at the Biden administration. --->READ MORE HERE
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