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Fauci and Other Health ‘experts’ are Messing Up Monkeypox Just as They Did COVID, Ebola and AIDS; Americans Lost Fundamental Freedoms During Covid — But Halting Gay Orgies To Stop Monkeypox Is Too Far? and other C-Virus related stories

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Fauci and other health ‘experts’ are messing up monkeypox just as they did COVID, Ebola and AIDS:
Once, I believed that the world is run by experts who know what to do. I believed that the best answer to a crisis is to listen to the experts and do what they say because they know best and can be trusted to have our interests at heart.
Yeah, I was an idiot. In my defense, I was young. Now I know better.
The list of expert failures is a long one. The Vietnam War, which predated my youthful enthusiasm for experts, was launched by what David Halberstam mockingly called “the best and the brightest” in a book by the same name.
They were well-educated, or at least well-credentialed, spoke with skill and enjoyed the regard of other ruling-class people. And they produced a debacle of the first order.
Since then, we have seen numerous instances of expert incompetence — just look at the management of the economy right now — but one of the most striking is the ongoing, generational ineptitude of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the rest of the public-health establishment in dealing with disease outbreaks. --->READ MORE HERE
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Americans Lost Fundamental Freedoms During Covid — But Halting Gay Orgies To Stop Monkeypox Is Too Far?
Like many people, far too many, I lost a loved one to Covid-19. My grandmother came to visit her family a few weeks before she became ill, she was there to show off her new husband, her fifth, having outlived her others. She was perky, sassy, and the happiest I had seen her. She greeted my husband and me with a wide smile and an enthusiastic hug. In her 80s, she had never let anything stop her, but she never anticipated the power of the government.
When she and her husband both tested positive, they were separated. She spent the next week alone, isolated from her family. Covid regulations kept her locked in a room, afraid and crying to see her family one last time. She passed before she was allowed to have the chance. Further Covid regulations prevented us from holding a funeral for her. I had begun making her a quilt, but I wasn’t able to finish in time. All I could think about was all those photos of elderly couples separated by walls of plastic, only wanting to embrace each other.
Yet, for two years, we were all told that these cultural and familial traditions were selfish and dangerous. As Paul Krugman smugly lectured in the New York Times in 2020, “What they call ‘freedom’ is actually absence of responsibility. Rational policy in a pandemic, however, is all about taking responsibility. The main reason you shouldn’t go to a bar and should wear a mask isn’t self-protection, although that’s part of it; the point is that congregating in noisy, crowded spaces or exhaling droplets into shared air puts others at risk. And that’s the kind of thing America’s right just hates, hates to hear.” --->READ MORE HERE
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