Saturday, August 6, 2022

Biden Shatters ‘Misery Index’: America, Lock Up Your Cans of SPAM!; SPAM Goes on Lockdown Due to Inflation in NYC

AP Photo/Matt Rourke
Biden shatters ‘Misery Index’:
America, lock up your cans of SPAM!
America, you’ve got SPAM. But in President Joe Biden’s America, you better lock it up!
It’s so bad out here that Mr. Biden broke the Misery Index, the economic indicator that has been used since 1948 to measure how miserable people are in any given country. It calculates a combination of the unemployment rate and inflation data.
In the modern political world, however, both the inflation rate and the unemployment rate have been distorted to conceal how terribly the federal government mismanages the economy. The Consumer Price Index has been thoroughly molested to hide true inflation and the unemployment rate does not calculate hopeless Americans who have simply given up on the American dream and quit looking for work.
Under Mr. Biden, things are even worse. The inflation rate cannot even keep up with rising gas prices and explosive government spending. Now the federal government is dropping the hammer on working Americans by raising interest rates so that you cannot buy a new home — or sell your old one. Meanwhile, businesses are shuttering because they cannot compete with a federal government that pays so many people not to work.
The only thing “rebounding” under Mr. Biden is his COVID-19 infection.
So while the Misery Index began spiking the moment Mr. Biden took office, even it cannot keep track of the true misery in America today. Also: crime. --->READ MORE HERE
SPAM goes on lockdown due to inflation in NYC:
It’s the nation’s crises in a can.
Inflation and crime have gotten so bad in Gotham that even cheap meat like Spam has to be locked up.
At Duane Reade’s store in the Port Authority bus depot, the shelf-stable product — only $3.99 a can — is now being stocked in plastic, anti-theft cases.
“I’ve never seen that before!” one cashier laughed while using a magnet to remove a can of Spam from its cage.
The cashier was among the employees, tourists and store regulars stunned that the iconic blue-and-yellow cans are now being kept under lock-and-key — some even poking fun at the sight as “a sort of Jeff Koons homage,” per one viral tweet.
Jenny Kenny, 43, who was visiting from Louisville, KY, was aware of the ongoing crime waves hitting cities like New York and San Francisco, but still couldn’t believe the sight of “so many things in boxes.” --->READ MORE HERE
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