Friday, July 29, 2022

Say it ain’t Joe: Poll Shows 75% of Democrats want someone other than Biden in 2024; Biden Approval Under Water in 48 States, and related stories

Say it ain’t Joe: 75% of Democrats want someone other than Biden in 2024, poll shows
Three-quarters of self-described Democrats or Democratic-leaning voters want the party to pick someone other than President Biden as their standard-bearer in 2024 — and nearly a quarter of them say they don’t believe Biden can win a second term, according to a new poll.
The CNN survey released Tuesday found that 32% of Dems say they don’t want Biden to be re-elected president. Another 24% said they didn’t believe he could defeat a Republican candidate in 2024, while 19% gave unspecified other reasons for their opposition to the current commander-in-chief.
Antipathy toward Biden is particularly strong among Democrats under age 45, 82% of whom say they don’t want him to try for a second term.
The president’s numbers aren’t much better among older Democrats either, with just 31% of those age 45 and up saying they want another Biden campaign.
At the beginning of this year, the same poll showed Democrats were basically divided on the prospect of the president seeking reelection, with 45% saying they wanted Biden to run again and 51% saying they did not. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden Approval Under Water in 48 States: President Joe Biden’s approval rating is under water in 48 states, Thursday’s Civiqs survey found.
The survey showed Biden’s overall disapproval rating hovering at 59 percent. Less than one-third of Americans, 30 percent, approve, and 12 percent neither approve nor disapprove of the president. According to the survey, Biden’s approval has not been above water since April 2021.
Biden’s approval rating is equally abysmal in individual states, as it remains underwater in 48 of the 50. Even in blue states such as California, 50 percent disapprove of Biden’s job performance, compared to 36 percent who approve, giving him a net negative approval of -14 percent.
The results are even worse in key swing states.
60 percent disapprove
29 percent approve
-31 net approval

63 percent disapprove
24 percent approve
-39 percent net approval

57 percent disapprove
31 percent approve
-26 percent net approval --->READ MORE HERE
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