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Rep. James Comer: Evidence piling up to show Hunter Biden ‘guilty of everything’; Federal Investigation of Hunter Biden Reaches 'Critical Juncture' as Officials Consider 2 Areas for Charges; DOJ Weighs Charging Hunter Biden for Tax, Gun Violations, and related stories

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Rep. James Comer: Evidence piling up to show Hunter Biden ‘guilty of everything’:
The charges the U.S. Attorney in Delaware is preparing against Hunter Biden is a strategy to protect the president’s son from a planned congressional investigation, said Rep. James Comer.
Biden’s abandoned laptop, his voicemails and former business associates “coming out of the woodwork” have provided more than enough evidence to show the president’s son is “guilty of everything,” said the Kentucky Republican.
The mountain of evidence, however, doesn’t guarantee that the Justice Department will throw the book at President Biden’s son, said Mr. Comer, who is positioned to become chairman of the Oversight Committee if Republicans win the majority in November.
“He‘s got a lot of serious legal issues — more than any relative of a president in our history. And I think that the DOJ, if they indict him, or do a special counsel, it’s to protect him from having to testify in front of a congressional committee,” Mr. Comer said in an interview with The Washington Times.
He said an indictment of Hunter Biden on small charges could be used to inoculate him against answering bigger questions in front of Congress.
“If we subpoena Hunter Biden, and he refuses the subpoena, then it’s going to go to court, and their argument in court is going to be, ‘Well, he‘s already indicted. There’s a special counsel, you’re just muddying the water.’ That’s been my fear,” Mr. Comer said.
Mr. Comer predicted that the Justice Department will indict Hunter Biden and then “do like Durham and ride the clock out,” referencing special counsel John Durham’s investigation of the origin of the FBI’s probe of the Trump-Russia collusion to rig the 2016 election. --->READ MORE HERE
Federal Investigation of Hunter Biden Reaches 'Critical Juncture' as Officials Consider 2 Areas for Charges: Report
A new report says federal investigators have two areas of focus as they reach a “critical juncture” in their investigation of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden.
The CNN report on Wednesday noted there is another dimension — politics.
The Justice Department has a policy of not filing charges in sensitive cases in the 60 days before an election, the outlet reported, citing “people briefed on the matter.”
But some people within the Justice Department have pushed back, saying the president is not on the ballot in November’s midterm elections, the unidentified sources told CNN.
The report said the probe “initially focused on Hunter Biden’s financial and business activities in foreign countries dating to when Joe Biden was vice president,” but “prosecutors have narrowed their focus to tax and gun-related charges.”
The sources said the president is not being investigated.
Discussions of whether to charge Hunter Biden and what charges to bring have included the FBI and the IRS, CNN reported.
One issue dogging the debate has been whether the president’s son could claim that he was unable to know right from wrong because of his well-chronicled drug use. The report said prosecutors have now decided that is not a barrier to charging Hunter Biden.
But the timing bothers some in the department, according to CNN. --->READ MORE HERE
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