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Not Just Jefferson: Now James Madison’s Home Gets an Anti-American Makeover ... Leftist rewriting of history; James Madison Downplayed in Museum at Own Estate by Left-Wing Billionaire

Not Just Jefferson: Now James Madison’s Home Gets an Anti-American Makeover:
Leftist rewriting of history.
It’s clear now: the Left has embarked upon a concerted effort to rewrite American history and make Americans ashamed of our heritage at the very sites where it should be most celebrated. Last Sunday I reported that Thomas Jefferson’s home has been taken over by Leftist America-haters, and they didn’t stop there: now the same woke revisionists have gotten their clutches on the home of James Madison, and it’s easy to see why they would want to target the fourth president. He is, after all, known as the Father of the Constitution.
Madison’s home has the feel of having been taken over by an invading army, and in a certain sense, it has been. The New York Post reported Saturday that at Montpelier, Madison’s Virginia plantation, “not a single display focuses on the life and accomplishments of America’s foremost political philosopher, who created our three-branch federal system of government, wrote the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers, and served two terms as president. Instead, blindsided tourists are hammered by high-tech exhibits about Madison’s slaves and current racial conflicts, thanks to a $10 million grant from left-leaning philanthropist David M. Rubenstein.”
Rubenstein is no ordinary philanthropist. The Post has noted that he is behind the woke-ification of Jefferson’s Monticello also, forking over $20 million for that. Oh, and here’s a shocker: Rubenstein is “on the boards of the globalist World Economic Forum, China’s Tsinghua University, and the Council on Foreign Relations, among others.” Who could have guessed?
And so now the hapless visitors to Montpelier plunk down $35 for the privilege of seeing only three of the 22 rooms in Madison’s mansion. The tour guides have much more important things on their mind at James Madison’s house than anything so bourgeois and trivial as showing you James Madison’s house. According to one “10-minute multi-screen video,” the “Hurricane Katrina flooding, the Ferguson riots, incarceration, and more all trace back to slavery.” On the grounds, “dozens of interactive stations seek to draw a direct line between slavery, the Constitution, and the problems of African Americans today.” --->READ MORE HERE
James Madison downplayed in museum at own estate by left-wing billionaire:
James Madison's role in America's founding has been downplayed in a museum at his own plantation home in Virginia.
A number of visitors criticized the museum after a $10 million grant from left-leaning billionaire David Rubenstein funded a new exhibit that focuses on the experience of slaves.
Through his grant, the museum worked to renovate the site to “offer visitors a more complete version” of history by giving equal attention to the experiences of the enslaved community that lived on Madison’s land, according to Montpelier's website. However, some museumgoers criticized the move, arguing it places Madison as more of a background character while amplifying the influence of slavery on the nation’s founding.
“[It’s] a deliberate attack on those founding institutions,” Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) told the New York Post. “The Left is trying to revise our history and is perpetuating a dishonest narrative.” --->READ MORE HERE
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