Sunday, July 17, 2022

POLL: Majority of Democrats, Young People Want to Abolish Supreme Court; Democrats Would Abolish Supreme Court, Elect Judges, Let United Nations Decide

Majority of Democrats, young people want to abolish Supreme Court: poll
A majority of Democratic voters believe the Supreme Court is a racist, sexist institution that ought to be abolished, according to a new poll commissioned by the Heartland Institute. And in a clear threat to the court’s future, almost as many people ages 19 to 39 feel the same way.
The national survey of 1,025 US voters split strongly down party lines, with 53% of Democrats in favor of abolishing the current Supreme Court and replacing it with a “new, democratically elected … court with justices chosen by the American people directly,” and 33% “strongly” in favor. Just 21% of Republicans and 38% of independents favored the proposition.
A majority (54%) of people ages 19 to 39 wanted the court abolished. Overall, just 37% of total voters agreed, according to the Rasmussen poll conducted on July 6 and 7, almost two weeks after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion.
While 67% of Democrats believe the court is a “fundamentally sexist institution that favors men over women,” just 18% of Republicans and 36% of independents agreed.
Overall, 41% of total voters agreed, with women (48%) holding a bleaker view of sexism in the court than men (41%). --->READ MORE HERE
Democrats would abolish Supreme Court, elect judges, let United Nations decide:
The recent decisions by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority on abortion and guns appear to have pushed Democrats deeper into seeking radical changes that would shift the court back into liberal hands.
While, for many, simply packing the court with more left-wing judges was the answer before the recent decisions, a new survey found support for killing the court, electing judges, and even allowing the United Nations to have the final say.
A new Rasmussen Reports survey sponsored by the Heartland Institute, for example, found that 39% of Democrats would let the U.N. reverse Supreme Court decisions it viewed as human rights violations. The reversal of Roe vs. Wade could fall into that category.
Worse, a majority (53%) of Democrats would support legislation to “abolish” the court and turn it into an elected chamber with judges picked on ballots. Just 21% of Republicans agree with that proposal. --->READ MORE HERE
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