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Himars have ‘changed everything’: weapons destroy 50 Russian ammunition depots in one month; South: the Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the enemy army; Ukraine strikes bridge used for Russian supplies in occupied south; Germany’s Gepard Tanks Finally Reach Ukraine, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Credit: Tony Overman /The Olympian
Himars have ‘changed everything’: weapons destroy 50 Russian ammunition depots in one month:
Ukraine strikes three bridges across the Dnieper in Kremlin-occupied Kherson in recent days using US-supplied missile launchers
American-supplied Himars missile launchers have destroyed more than 50 Russian ammunition dumps since they arrived on the battlefield last month, Ukraine’s defence minister said.
Oleksiy Reznikov told Ukrainian television that the “scalpel”-like accuracy of the missiles had significantly eroded Russia’s supply chains and its ability to conduct “active fighting and cover our armed forces with heavy shelling”.
“We are talking about 50 sites in terms of ammunition storage locations alone,” he told Ukrainian television.
“Our gunners use Himars very precisely – like a surgeon with a scalpel,” he told Ukrainian television.
“And you can even see this in the photos of some bridge crossings where [the shells] are very accurately placed in the area of the seams of the bridge connections.”
He did not give specific details but Ukraine has struck three bridges across the Dnieper in Russian-occupied Kherson in recent days.
Those strikes appear to be designed to isolate Russian units on the right bank of the Dnieper as a Ukrainian counter-offensive with the aim of taking back control of Kherson picks up steam. --->READ MORE HERE
South: the Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the enemy army:
In the area of ​​Pyatikhatka, Ukrainian defenders destroyed the control post, the enemy's ammunition depot, as well as 48 invaders and Russian equipment.
Source: Operational Command " South "
Literally: "The (enemy - ed.) is trying to pull up reserves of manpower and equipment from the Crimean direction.
Once again, enemy forces with the number of RTGr with the involvement of reserves tried to carry out offensive actions from the direction of Ishchenka to Biloghirka. Having suffered losses, they retreated."
Details: The "South" military command center reports that during July 25, the enemy struck three times.
At noon, 2 X-59 rockets were fired from planes in the direction of the temporarily occupied territory over the Mykolayiv region. One cruise missile hit near Veliky Artakovo, the second hit the outskirts of Kaluga. No losses.
An hour later, a pair of Ka-52s struck in the Novogrigorivka area. Also lossless. --->READ MORE HERE
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