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Border Deaths Surge Under Biden Compared With Trump, Obama; Rep. Comer Requests Oversight Hearing as Migrant Deaths, Border Crossings Rise; 166 Migrants Died in Single Texas Region and Mexican Border State in 6 Months

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Border Deaths Surge Under Biden Compared With Trump, Obama:
Under the Biden administration, deaths of migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021 increased by almost 300 from the prior year, and by 200 from the last non-pandemic year, according to a United Nations agency that now classifies the southern border as the “deadliest land crossing in the world.”
Moreover, more border deaths have occurred in the first half of 2022 than for the entire calendar years of 2020, 2018, and 2017, according to data from the International Organization for Migration’s Missing Migrants Project.
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited the White House on Tuesday for a meeting with President Joe Biden. Their meeting occurred less than a month after 48 migrants were found dead in or near an abandoned tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas, and five of 16 others hospitalized later died.
From January to December 2021, a total of 1,238 lost their lives while migrating in North America and South America, more than half of them on the U.S.-Mexico border, according to data released this month by the International Organization for Migration’s Missing Migrants Project.
“At least 728 of these deaths occurred on the United States-Mexico border crossing, making this the deadliest land crossing in the world, according to the data,” the report from the U.N. agency says. --->READ MORE HERE
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Rep. Comer requests oversight hearing as migrant deaths, border crossings rise:
House Democrats’ chief investigative committee is picking at flea collars and pro football team harassment while the chaos at the southern border claims a record number of lives, the panel’s top Republican charged Monday, demanding the committee shift gears and stark tackling one of the big issues facing the country.
Rep. James Comer, the ranking Republican on the Oversight and Reform Committee, said in a letter that he’s now made six requests for hearings on the border, with no response.
The Kentucky lawmaker and fellow Republicans said the lack of hearings is part of the reason the Lugar Center gave the panel an “F” grade for its oversight efforts — a particularly devastating evaluation for the House’s top investigative committee.
“The border crisis demands our oversight. Therefore, we are disappointed in your silence,” Mr. Comer and fellow committee Republicans wrote in a letter to committee Chair Carolyn B. Maloney, New York Democrat.
The plea for hearings comes as Homeland Security released the latest border numbers showing Customs and Border Protection encountered 207,416 illegal immigrants at the southern border in June. That’s down from May, when nearly 240,000 were nabbed, but it still marks the worst June on record. --->READ MORE HERE
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