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Courts Squash Democrats’ ‘Most Secure Election’ Lie: Swing States Didn’t Follow Their Own Laws In 2020; Court Decision May Invalidate Pennsylvania’s No-Excuse Mail-In Vote Law

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Courts Squash Democrats’ ‘Most Secure Election’ Lie: Swing States Didn’t Follow Their Own Laws In 2020:
The 2020 election was full of chaos and irregularities. States across the country changed election policies and procedures last minute. Due to the pandemic, election officials claimed these emergency actions and deviations from election laws were necessary.
In 2020, the Wisconsin Elections Commission authorized “municipal clerks and local elections officials to establish ballot drop boxes” and said that people acting on behalf of the voter could deliver his or her ballot to these drop boxes.
Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg gave millions of dollars to election offices to change election procedures and fuel vote-by-mail efforts. The Capital Research Center uncovered that the Center for Technology and Civic Life, the non-profit Zuckerberg funneled his money through, gave Wisconsin election offices at least $6.7 million in 2020.
Much of this $6.7 million was used to set up drop boxes, which fueled ballot harvesting. Ballot harvesting refers to a person returning ballots that are not their own. For example, you go to a drop box and return your ballot, your husband’s, and your two neighbors’.
These changes expanding drop boxes and allowing ballot harvesting drew much ire and complaints in 2020. President Trump and many others criticized drop boxes as being less secure than in-person voting.
Last week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court delivered a win for election integrity and strengthened the security of Wisconsin’s elections. In a 4-3 ruling, the court ruled that drop boxes will only be allowed at the offices of election clerks. --->READ MORE HERE
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Court Decision May Invalidate Pennsylvania’s No-Excuse Mail-In Vote Law:
A Pennsylvania law that allows no-excuse mail-in voting may be in jeopardy because of a Democrat effort to water it down.
Act 77, passed in October 2019, made numerous changes to Pennsylvania’s election code including setting aside “funding for the purchase of election machines” and establishing no-excuse mail-in balloting. Prior to Act 77, Pennsylvania had one of the strictest absentee ballot laws in the country.
But a recent decision by the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals may challenge Act 77’s legality. As Republican state Rep. Seth Grove noted in a letter to Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman, Act 77’s non-severability clause states that if any of its provisions are invalidated, then “the remaining provisions or applications of this act are void.”
Grove further highlighted that the ruling by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated one of the provisions in Act 77 — Section 1306-D, which requires voters to date and sign the outside of their ballots. The court ruled that dating the outside envelope of a mail-in ballot is “immaterial.”
As Grove outlined in the letter, “I seek the Department’s stance on the continued application of the provisions of Act 77 of 2019 in light of a recent ruling by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Specifically, the court held on May 20, 2022, that a provision enacted by Section 8 of Act 77 of 2019 is incompatible with Federal law. Specifically, this is the requirement in Section 1306-D providing that a mail-in ballot be both signed and dated in order to be counted.”
Since Act 77’s non-severability clause was triggered by the court ruling, Grove argued that the law is now invalid. --->READ MORE HERE
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