Sunday, July 17, 2022

Biden Gave TikTok a Pass. American Kids Died: Children died so Biden could recruit an “army of influencers”; ‘Blackout Challenge’ killed their daughters, parents say in lawsuit against TikTok

Biden Gave TikTok a Pass. American Kids Died:
Children died so Biden could recruit an “army of influencers”.
In the summer of 2020, President Trump imposed sanctions on TikTok, and in the next summer, Biden lifted them in his own executive order. While the Biden administration claimed that it would scrutinize the Chinese Communist company, there was an obvious ulterior motive.
Biden revoked Trump’s TikTok executive order in June 2021. That same month, the Biden administration began reaching out to TikTok influencers to build an “influencer army”.
It’s impossible to believe that the two White House decisions to revoke the TikTok order and to mobilize TikTok influencers made in the same month were unrelated.
Once again, Biden’s political interests trumped national security. As it did for the Democrats.
While the White House doesn’t have a TikTok account, “Building Back Together”, a Biden allied non-profit, has a TikTok account trying to boost his popularity among Latinos.
During the presidential campaign, the DNC warned staffers against "using TikTok on personal devices" and urged them to use a "separate phone and account" instead. This year, the DNC officially joined TikTok. The DNC's account features videos of Biden and Kamala, along with attacks on Republicans. The RNC’s refusal to join TikTok has turned it into a Democrat platform.
Albeit one controlled by Chinese Communists.
A BuzzFeed report in June 2022 revealed that, just as the Trump administration had warned, American user data was being accessed from China. “Everything is seen in China,” the report revealed. One consultant observed that, “there’s some backdoor to access user data in almost all of them”. --->READ MORE HERE
Lawsuit photos
‘Blackout Challenge’ killed their daughters, parents say in lawsuit against TikTok:
Lalani Walton and Arriani Arroyo might have lived in two different states, but they were both active children who loved to dance, sing and post videos to TikTok.
Though that’s not all they had in common.
They both died participating in a deadly TikTok challenge, according to their parents in Texas and Wisconsin.
Their families have partnered with the Social Media Victims Law Center (SMVLC) to file a wrongful death lawsuit against TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance, on June 30 in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles.
The lawsuit alleges 8-year-old Lalani, of Temple, Texas, and 9-year-old Arriani, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “died of self-strangulation while participating in TikTok’s ’Blackout Challenge,’ which encourages users to choke themselves with belts, purse strings or other similar items until passing out.”
Matthew P. Bergman, founding attorney of SMVLC, said in a statement that “TikTok needs to be held accountable for pushing deadly content to these two young girls.” --->READ MORE HERE
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