Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Peer-Reviewed Studies Confirm That Vaccine and Mask Mandates Did Not Stop COVID Spread in Schools and Universities; White House Disinformation about Kids and Covid, and other C-Virus related stories

The Canadian Press/Graham Hughes
Peer-Reviewed Studies Confirm That Vaccine and Mask Mandates Did Not Stop COVID Spread in Schools and Universities:
'These school and university mandates beg the question: what are they hoping to achieve?'
During the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus pandemic, school and university administrators have dogmatically, and in many cases forcefully implemented mask and vaccine mandates with the intention to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV2, however, these policies haven’t had much effect, according to recent peer-reviewed studies.
A research paper published on May 18 underscores the deficiencies of current mask and vaccination mandates, as these policies did not contain the spread of SARS-CoV2 at Cornell University.
Despite the university having required masks on campus, isolation, and contact tracing within hours of any positive result, the paper recognizes that: “Cornell’s experience shows that traditional public health interventions were not a match for Omicron. While vaccination protected against severe illness, it was not sufficient to prevent rapid spread, even when combined with other public health measures including widespread surveillance testing.”
Another study found that secondary transmissions were “markedly lower in school compared with household settings, suggesting that household transmission is more important than school transmission in this pandemic.”
Toward the end of the semester in 2021, the almost completely vaccinated Cornell University shut down its campus due to a surge in COVID cases. --->READ MORE HERE
White House Disinformation about Kids and Covid:
As many pandemic restrictions have, at least temporarily, been lifted, many activist “experts” have understandably become increasingly frustrated with the potential loss of influence.
Perhaps that’s one explanation for why pro-mandate and progressive policy activists like emergency medicine doctor Jeremy Faust have turned to desperate measures — the purposeful exaggeration of the risks of COVID to kids.
In a perfect distillation of the symbiotic relationship between the “expert” community and progressive influencers, Faust published an extremely misleading article that was immediately amplified by Ashish Jha, an official employee of the Biden White House currently serving as the Coronavirus Response Coordinator.
Jha has repeatedly spread misinformation about masks while overtly promoting vaccine passports and verification, and last summer claimed that “unvaccinated, unmasked folks” are the drivers of transmission, while ignoring that cases surged in highly masked and vaccinated areas like San Francisco: --->READ MORE HERE
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