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George Soros Primes Super PAC to Buy 2022 Midterms; ‘Guardian angel’ Donors Have Poured more than $284 Million into Super PACs ahead of 2022 Midterms

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George Soros primes super PAC to buy 2022 midterms:
The nonprofit money-in-politics tracker OpenSecrets just reported “Democratic mega-donor George Soros is currently the top individual super PAC donor for the 2022 midterm election.”
This is not the least bit surprising.
Democrats can’t win on ideas. So they turn to their cash cows for support.
George Soros regularly interferes in elections in which he has no personal stake. This is the real tragedy of America’s electoral system: very often, races go to the highest bidder — and too often those highest bidders are far-leftists with beaucoup money bent on destroying American exceptionalism.
“George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the US justice system,” Politico wrote way back in 2016, in a piece about the billionaire’s infusion of $3 million-plus into a handful of local district attorney races in California and elsewhere.
From there, American justice, at least in some cities, has gone utterly out the window. George Gascon, for instance, the district attorney in Los Angeles, was a recipient of more than $2.5 million of Soros money during the 2020 campaign season — and after his win, various types of crime in the city, under his watch, during his legal leadership, simply surged.
“Recently, some cities in L.A. County have become so frustrated with Gascon’s refusal to file charges in low-level cases that they are seeking to reclaim jurisdiction from his office,” The Los Angeles Times wrote in April. “More than 42,000 misdemeanor cases were rejected countywide in 2021. Roughly 12,000 of those were presented by the L.A. County sheriff’s department, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva says the lack of low-level prosecutions is emboldening thieves.”
Of course it is. --->READ MORE HERE
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‘Guardian angel’ donors have poured more than $284 million into super PACs ahead of 2022 midterms:
“Guardian angel” donors have poured $284.6 million into 36 super PACs during the 2022 midterm cycle, according to a new analysis by OpenSecrets.
These angel donors contributed more than 40% of the total raised by a super PAC. In some cases, super PACs are virtually entirely financed by the angel donor.
The vast majority of super PACs do not raise most of their money from a single source. The 2,163 super PACs tracked by OpenSecrets have raised over $1.1 billion and spent $232 million so far during the 2022 midterm elections.
Angel donors poured $155 million into liberal super PACs and $118.8 million into conservative super PACs. An additional $5.8 million went to non-partisan super PACs.
OpenSecrets’ analysis breaks down the biggest names and numbers so far this election cycle, but readers can browse the full dataset here.--->READ MORE HERE
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