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Just 33 Percent Approve of Joe Biden, Tying Lowest Approval Rating; Young Democrats abandon Biden faster than any group; Most open borders POTUS has worse approval among Hispanics than whites, and related stories

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Poll: Just 33 Percent Approve of Joe Biden, Tying Lowest Approval Rating
Just 33 percent of voters approve of President Joe Biden, while 56 percent disapprove, a Civiqs poll revealed Sunday.
The Civiqs poll ties Biden’s lowest-ever approval rating from Quinnipiac polling on June 8. Quinnipiac has marked Biden’s approval rating at 33 percent in June, April, and January.
Biden’s overall approval rating has been weighed down by independents, according to Civiqs. Only 21 percent of independents approved of Biden, while 66 percent disapproved.
Biden’s low approval among independents is hurting his approval rating in important swing states, where Democrats are looking to block Republicans from regaining the House in November.
According to Biden’s approval numbers, Democrats will have a tough time convincing voters the Democrat Party is not responsible for inflation, high prices, and the southern border invasion: --->READ MORE HERE
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Young Democrats abandon Biden faster than any group:
An exodus of a vital demographic from President Biden’s camp may be underway. A headline from Morning Consult explains:
“Young voters, who helped Biden to victory, are a big weak spot in the Democratic coalition — only 28% of the youngest Democrats strongly approve of Biden’s job performance, down 31 percentage points since he took office,” the news organization said Monday.
“America’s youngest voters accounted for the biggest turnout increase of any age group between the past two presidential elections, helping deliver full control of Washington to President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats,” wrote Eli Yokley, a senior reporter for Morning Consult, in his analysis of this emerging phenomenon.
“But with just under five months until the midterm elections, it’s this group of voters who present a major challenge for the Democratic Party’s fraught efforts to hold onto Congress this year: Morning Consult Political Intelligence tracking shows Biden’s decline is especially grim among 18- to 34-year-olds,” Mr. Yokley said.
“The Democrats among them are less likely than their older peers to see him as prioritizing the country’s biggest problems or holding true to his campaign promises, threatening to stunt base enthusiasm ahead of the consequential campaign season,” he noted. --->READ MORE HERE
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