Thursday, June 23, 2022

House GOP Plans to Punish Garland for Alleged Partisanship at DOJ; AG Merrick Garland is Turning a Blind Eye to Illegal Protesters: Legal Expert

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House GOP plans to punish Garland for alleged partisanship at DOJ:
Republicans are preparing to take on Attorney General Merrick Garland if they win the House majority this year, including mulling impeachment, and several Department of Justice whistleblowers have come forward to help them.
Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said more than a half-dozen whistleblowers have come forward.
“We just need to investigate and get all the facts right now,” Mr. Jordan told The Washington Times, stressing that Republicans have not yet decided on what should be the appropriate action against Mr. Garland. “We’re focused on getting the truth for the American people.”
Republican lawmakers say they are fed up with Mr. Garland for offenses including not enforcing laws against demonstrations at the homes of Supreme Court justices and allegedly using anti-terrorism resources to target parents who speak out at school board meetings.
Other GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee said they are kicking around ideas for holding Mr. Garland accountable including impeachment, contempt charges and slapping restrictions on the department’s funding.
“We’ve got to look into in Garland. We are having conversations,” said a lawmaker who didn’t want to be identified when discussing plans in the formative stages.
He said that Republicans also are well aware of the limits of hearings to produce tangible results, such as the hearings into the Obama administration’s disinformation surrounding the 2012 deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi.
“A lot of times in the past, with Benghazi and other things, we had big hearings, and then kind of now what?” the lawmaker said. “Right now, what we’re doing is having conversations about what we are going to specifically do to hold him to account.”
“We can have hearings. We can talk about contempt, and we can talk about impeachment, but the best thing we can do is stop funding,” the lawmaker said.
The Times reached out to the Justice Department for comment and did not hear back. --->READ MORE HERE
AG Merrick Garland is Turning a Blind Eye to Illegal Protesters: Legal Expert

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