Sunday, June 19, 2022

GREAT IDEA: Border Control Advocates Want Americans to Snitch on ICE’s Immigration Flights; STOP THE SECRET FLIGHTS! You are the eyes and ears to help uncover these clandestine flights! ... WHERE Do I Sign-Up?

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Border control advocates want Americans to snitch on ICE’s immigration flights:
The Federation for American Immigration Reform said Monday it wants to recruit Americans to inform on the government’s attempts to fly illegal immigrants to destinations in the interior of the U.S.
FAIR said it will run digital ads across the country asking people to report whatever they see, as the group tries to get a sense of how the Biden administration is using the flights.
The ads warn Americans that their communities may become targets for the release of illegal immigrants caught at the border.
“Our schools, hospitals, healthcare and housing cannot handle this continued strain. We as taxpayers are burdened enough,” the FAIR ads say, urging tips about flights to be sent to
The flights have become fodder for conservative politicians and media outlets, with Republicans on Capitol Hill saying they had “grave concern” about the operation, which they say is hiding the true extent of chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but officials have described the flights as a standard part of operations in moving migrants to facilities around the country. ICE operates flights for adults and families, while the Health and Human Services Department operates flights involving unaccompanied juveniles. --->READ MORE HERE
You are the eyes and ears to help uncover these clandestine flights!
The Biden administration is clandestinely flying thousands of illegal immigrants, aliens and other non-citizens on secret nighttime flights across America. Your community may be one of the locations where these flights are landing, or it may be one of the next destinations. Why is the administration trying to carry out this plot discretely? Why won't they be open and transparent? Why don't they secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws? Join FAIR in demanding transparency from the administration and together let's STOP THE SECRET FLIGHTS!
If you have information about these secret flights or illegal aliens being resettled in your community, leave a comment to bring awareness to others. For your privacy, your comment will appear with your initials and city in order to shine a light on what the Biden administration is doing and where. --->READ MORE HERE

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