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Beware Fauci’s scheme to empower the World Health Organization; DOJ asks federal appeals court to reverse order lifting airplane mask mandate, and other C-Virus related stories

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Beware Fauci’s scheme to empower the World Health Organization:
When the next pandemic hits, President Joe Biden wants the World Health Organization — a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party — to have more power over the United States and other countries.
Among other changes, WHO is pushing for “equity” in access to vaccines and medicines, meaning America will be hindered from rushing new vaccines and treatments to its own population until poor countries are supplied — never mind who develops and pays for the drugs. Should the United States surrender its ability to care for its own population for the sake of global “equity”? The answer is no.
Anthony Fauci, Biden’s top delegate to WHO, is behind the dangerous idea of enlarging WHO’s power. We should all vigorously oppose it.
WHO lost its credibility early in 2020, when COVID struck outside China. WHO parroted China’s false denials about human transmission, delayed declaring a global health emergency and advised against travel restrictions. All in service to Beijing, instead of offering unbiased advice to the world.
Georgetown professor and globalist Lawrence Gostin said the agency and its director-general were “caught in an awfully difficult position between what science dictates and a very, very powerful country.” Nonsense. The morally correct course was obvious, but WHO kowtowed to China instead, jeopardizing millions of lives. --->READ MORE HERE
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DOJ asks federal appeals court to reverse order lifting airplane mask mandate:
The US Justice Department on Tuesday asked a federal appeals court to overturn last month’s court order which found the government’s mask mandate on mass transit was unlawful.
The White House had said it would no longer enforce the COVID-19 precaution on airplanes, buses, trains and in transit hubs hours after the ruling by Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, an appointee of President Donald Trump.
Mizelle had ruled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention failed to properly explain its decision to impose the mandate or follow proper rule-making procedures.
Federal officials still contend that the January 2021 CDC order was within the government’s legal authority. --->READ MORE HERE
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