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Shanghai: Nursing Home Resident Sent to Morgue While Still Alive; WATCH: Moment Shanghai COVID ‘victim’ wakes up in bodybag on way to morgue , and other C-Virus related stories

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Shanghai: Nursing Home Resident Sent to Morgue While Still Alive
Staff at a Shanghai nursing home transported one of the facility’s residents to a city-run morgue on Sunday while he was still alive in an incident partly captured on eyewitness video, China’s Caixin Global media group reported on Monday.
“In a viral video on Sunday [May 1], a body can be seen being retrieved from a funeral home car parked at the entrance of Shanghai Xinchangzheng Welfare Hospital, a local senior nursing home,” Caixin Global relayed on May 2. “A voiceover from what appears to be a witness can be heard saying that funeral home staff returned the senior resident to the nursing home, as the elderly person was found to be still alive.”
The apparent mixup took place in Shanghai’s Putuo district on May 1. The Shanghai senior citizen at the center of the debacle was reported on May 2 as having been “admitted to a hospital” by China’s state-run
Putuo district’s Communist Party-run Civil Affairs Bureau confirmed the incident on May 2 and said it had launched a probe into the actions that led to the near-fatal mistake. The bureau confirmed later on May 2 that China’s ruling Communist Party reprimanded five Putuo district-level officials and a Shanghai-based medical doctor for their contributions to the grave error. --->READ MORE HERE
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Moment Shanghai COVID ‘victim’ wakes up in bodybag on way to morgue:
Shocking video captures the moment several front-line workers in COVID-stricken Shanghai realize a body bag they were taking to a morgue actually contained a live person.
Two mortuary workers, who are clad in protective gear, recoil in horror as they make the startling discovery while lifting the body from a vehicle, the video posted by the South China Morning Post shows.
The footage, shot by a bystander, shows the men unzipping the yellow bag in front of an employee of a nursing home, exposing the patient’s head, before they step back in shock.
The care facility staff member then checks for signs of life and reseals the bag, causing the bystander to protest out of fear the patient would suffocate.
After some deliberations, the elderly patient is wheeled back to the facility. --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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