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Majority Say Joe Biden Is Deliberately Encouraging Illegal Immigration; TX Gov. Abbott ‘No Way’ the U.S. Can Assimilate, Deal with All of the People Rushing Across the Border; Not enough transportation out of border towns for migrants crossing en masse

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Nolte: Majority Say Joe Biden Is Deliberately Encouraging Illegal Immigration:
A majority of voters believe His Fraudulency Joe Biden is deliberately encouraging illegal immigration.
Rasmussen Reports asked 1,000 likely voters, “Is the Biden administration purposefully encouraging illegal immigration?” Only 34 percent said no, while a majority of 51 percent said yes. Those who are “not sure” totaled 15 percent.
A full 78 percent of Republicans believe Biden is deliberately encouraging illegals to swarm our borders (only 13 percent said no), as do a plurality of Independents at 46 percent (34 percent said no). Even 30 percent of Democrats believe Biden is purposefully doing this; only 54 percent said no.
How do we know this…?
Even with the establishment’s full head of steam in opposing him, former President Trump came pretty close to solving the illegal immigration problem. If Biden wanted to stop illegal aliens from coming into America, all he had to do was say two words: “Carry on.” That’s all he had to do. The fact Biden has not done that was a choice — and there can be only one reason to make that choice and that’s the desire to flood America with illegal aliens. --->READ MORE HERE
TX Gov. Abbott: ‘No Way’ the U.S. Can Assimilate, Deal with All of the People Rushing Across the Border:
Monday on FNC’s “Special Report,” Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) emphasized just how dire the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is with the lackluster approach of the Biden administration’s enforcement of the immigration.
Abbott also declared there was “no way” the United States could assimilate all people who had crossed the border illegally.
“People need to understand the volume of people who are coming across the border. In Texas alone, just during the Biden administration, there were more than 1.6 million people apprehended,” he said. “Think about it. That’s larger than the city of Dallas, larger than the city of San Antonio coming across the border, apprehended in just one year. And that does not count all the people who were not apprehended.
“And if Title 42 is removed, according to the Biden administration, it would mean 18,000 people a day coming across the border, which would, in turn, annually mean there would be more than six million people coming across the border,” Abbott continued. “That’s two times the size of the city of Houston. There’s no way the United States is going to be able to assimilate or deal with all of these people who are rushing across the border constantly. And that’s the problem we have down there. The Border Patrol are outmanned.” --->WATCH INTERVIEW HERE
Not enough transportation out of border towns for migrants crossing en masse:
Airports and bus companies are struggling to keep up with the transportation needs of southern border towns strained by the number of migrants released by the Biden administration after crossing the border without authorization.
The shortages in transportation can mean that migrants have nowhere to go during the day or overnight, imposing new difficulties for residents of places like Eagle Pass, the remote Texas border town that has become ground zero of the migration crisis in recent weeks.
“This border issue — it's a mess. I would describe it as chaos right now,” Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas said. “You have large groups coming in. It’s become normal to see a group of 20 people on Main Street, at Dairy Queen, at the lake. A lot of them have been released. They're just walking around our city.”
Eagle Pass, a town of 29,000 residents working to overcome its reputation as one of the most poverty-stricken places in America, relies on a single nonprofit organization to aid migrants and help them move away from the border. The organization, Mission: Border Hope, was founded by Becky Baxter-Ballou and Bruce Ballou a decade ago with the intent of helping low-income families, but when migrants began crossing the international bridge seeking asylum several years ago, they started helping meet the hunger, clothing, and shelter needs of those entering their community. --->READ MORE HERE
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