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Tiny Texas Town of Carrizo Springs Bears Brunt of Migrant Releases at Border; GOP Rep. Gonzales posts images showing migrant releases in Texas due to overcrowded facilities

Courtesy of Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas 
Tiny Texas town of Carrizo Springs bears brunt of migrant releases at border:
Emergency management officials in a remote area near Texas's border with Mexico are rushing to figure out how the 5,000-person town of Carrizo Springs can handle backdoor releases of migrants into their community.
City and county officials in Carrizo Springs and Dimmit County are bracing for the possibility of a crisis in the coming days as the Border Patrol resorts to discharging people in its custody onto the street because the shelter that normally accommodates migrants is at capacity.
"It is a very concerning situation," said Christine Guerrero, chief clerk of the court in Dimmit County, which includes Carrizo Springs. "Border Patrol says these migrants that are coming — they’re not looking to stay here. They’re looking to going farther up."
The problem for Guerrero is that her small county of 10,000 residents has no train, plane, or bus to get migrants out of town and on to their final destinations.
Over the past week, Border Patrol officials stationed in Eagle Pass and Del Rio have seen an influx of migrants illegally coming across the Rio Grande from Acuna, Coahuila, in Mexico. Migrants who surrender to the Border Patrol on the U.S. side or are otherwise chased down and taken into custody are processed at one of eight stations within 100 miles of the border.
Since March 18, agents in the area have apprehended four groups of 100 people each after they crossed the border, as well as smaller groups. Because Border Patrol stations on the border in Del Rio and Eagle Pass are overwhelmed, migrants in Eagle Pass are sometimes transported to a station that is more than 40 miles away in Carrizo Springs or a station 60 miles away in Uvalde. Migrants are processed and then transported back to Eagle Pass before being released to the nonprofit organization Mission Border Hope. --->READ MORE HERE
GOP Rep. Gonzales posts images showing migrant releases in Texas due to overcrowded facilities:
There were 164,973 migrant encounters in February.
Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, on Wednesday posted images showing the release of adult migrants into the interior of the United States by Border Patrol, as officials deal with overcrowded facilities amid continued migrant traffic at the southern border.
"This morning, with facilities in the area over capacity, Border Patrol was forced to release a group of migrants into the city of Uvalde," Gonzales tweeted. "The neighboring town of Carrizo Springs has had to do the same."
"This is the consequence of a broken immigration system and failed policies," he said.
Gonzales had been contacted by officials in Uvalde notifying him that facilities in the area were overcrowded and that Border Patrol would be forced to release migrants as a result.
Similarly, the city of Carrizo Springs announced that the federal government had instructed Border Patrol to start releasing individuals "due to the facility having no vacancy due to the high volume of migrants." It said that migrants would typically be released in Eagle Pass. --->READ MORE HERE
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