Monday, April 4, 2022

House Republicans Devise Plan to Curtail Biden’s Catch-and-Release Policies: Jim Jordan Calls Budget Showdown 'the only approach'; More Illegal Aliens Released In Jan '22 Than Were Deported In All of '21, and related stories

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House Republicans devise plan to curtail Biden’s catch-and-release policies:
House Republicans have hatched a plan to use the federal purse strings to put a stranglehold on the Biden administration’s ability to release illegal immigrants into the U.S.
Rep. Jim Jordan, who is poised to become chairman of the Judiciary Committee if the GOP wins back the majority in November, said he wants next year’s spending bill to include language to block the administration’s actions that have resulted in the release of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the U.S. since President Biden took office last year.
“You cannot let people into the country who are not allowed to be here,” said Mr. Jordan, Ohio Republican.
Tying the language to must-pass spending legislation would offer the strongest path to passage, the argument goes, because Mr. Biden and the Senate would cause a government shutdown if they reject it.
The move also would almost certainly set up the kind of partisan spending standoff and government shutdown for which the GOP is almost always blamed.
Mr. Jordan said the drastic step is needed to stem the flow of illegal immigration with nearly 2 million people illegally crossing into the U.S last year. --->READ MORE HERE
More Illegal Aliens Released In Jan '22 Than Were Deported In All of '21:
The headline here comes from a tweet by FOX News' Adam Shaw summing up the scale of the crisis and complicity by the Biden administration.
As Bill Melugin noted, "DHS reports 153,941 migrant encounters in January, almost doubling Jan. ‘21 (78,414) and more than quadruple Jan. ‘20 (36,585). DHS also reports 62,573 migrants were released into U.S. just last month alone."
That, as Adam points out, is more than the 55,590 deported in 2021.
Now let's go back in time a few years. --->READ MORE HERE
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