Saturday, April 23, 2022

The Mask Mandate is Over, and Some Leftists Are Sure We’re All Gonna Die; Ditch the Masks and Breathe Easier Already — it’s time to ‘face’ the facts, and other C-Virus related stories

The Mask Mandate is Over, and Some Leftists Are Sure We’re All Gonna Die:
You knew this would happen. A federal judge struck down Biden’s handlers’ mask mandate, and now the true mask believers are sure that we are all doomed, doomed, I tell you. The sky is falling because they’re not wearing masks on airplanes, and civilization as we know it, such as it is, is coming to a rapid end, not that we will see its end because we will all be dead.
Republican operative Jake Schneider tweeted: “Delta just announced on my flight masks are now OPTIONAL!! I’m going to DC, so I was the only one clapping.” And indeed, numerous Leftists were enraged. Oni Blackstock, the founder and executive director of something called HealthJustice, fumed: “The swiftness w/ which these various companies, agencies, etc have dropped m*sk mandates…makes you wonder if they really care about their workers or customers. ‘Face masks are now optional for Uber and Lyft riders and drivers in the United States.’ I will not be getting into a car with a maskless driver, for one.” That’s fine. Don’t. But those who wish to breathe freely now have the option to do so, and it is actually an indication that Uber and Lyft actually do care about their customers that they have lifted the mask requirement. But for Leftists, if you’re not being coerced, you’re not being loved.
The farther-Left-than-Chairman-Mao Occupy Democrats were thrilled that Old Joe Biden was continuing to coerce people in his corner of the airborne world: “BREAKING: Once again demonstrating leadership by example, President Biden decides to continue requiring masks aboard Air Force One in accordance with the CDC after a Trump judge struck down the lifesaving national mask mandate for flying. RT TO THANK BIDEN FOR LEADING BY EXAMPLE!” Even Old Joe won’t appeal the decision to set aside the mask mandate, which is a tacit admission that he and his handlers know it’s nonsense, more superstition and the illusion of protection than anything else, but hey, trust the science, or whatever. --->READ MORE HERE
Ditch the masks and breathe easier already — it’s time to ‘face’ the facts:
The pandemic has eased, but not the compulsion of many Americans to cover their faces. Fully vaccinated adults are still wearing masks on their solitary walks outdoors, and officials have been enforcing mask mandates on some city-dwellers and students. After obligating passengers to wear masks for nearly two years, some airlines and railroads have finally dropped their requirements in response to Monday’s ruling by US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle declaring the Biden administration’s mask mandate for public transportation unlawful. It’s welcome news, though long overdue.
A simple remedy might help some maskaholics. It’s a graph that should be required viewing for everyone still wearing a mask and every public official and journalist who still insists that mask mandates “control the spread.” The black line on the graph shows the weekly rate of COVID cases in all the states with mask mandates that week, while the orange line shows the rate in all the states without mandates. Eleven states never mandated masks, while the other 39 states enforced mandates. The mandates typically began early in the pandemic in 2020 and remained until at least the summer of 2021, with some extending into 2022. --->READ MORE HERE
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