Saturday, April 23, 2022

The Democrat Plan to Stop Joe Biden: Who needs the Twenty-Fifth Amendment When You’ve Got a Family of Crooks?

The Democrat Party is much more worried about stopping Joe Biden than whatever Republican he might end up facing in 2024. Everyone expects Biden not to run, but no one told him that.
Biden keeps talking about running again and it’s not a joke. After spending two generations clawing his way to power, the guy who would have been one of the youngest presidents when he first tried to make a dash at the big job, is not about to just walk away whistling to Delaware.
The Democrats have become a gerontocracy of dementia patients with the party trying to push Senator Dianne Feinstein, 88 years old, and Rep. David Scott, 76, to the exit after reports that they appear out of it. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 82, has vowed to run again and so have her number two and three, Steny Hoyer, 82, and James Clyburn, 81, who got Biden the party's nomination, making it rather difficult to dump Biden on account of being old or out of it.
The real issue comes from the poll numbers which are catastrophic for Biden and the Dems.
Fantasies of a Twenty-Fifth Amendment aside, which even if somehow executed would just saddle the party with Kamala in the White House who polls even worse than her boss, the Dems know that they’re going to be stuck with Biden’s idiotic nonsense for a few years.
Biden cunningly kept his promise to pick a black woman, but also picked one with little support from the black community or the Left, making it unlikely that he’d be ‘Breyered’ to make way for her. Kamala’s only base are the members of her staff and they’re leaving because they know that working for her isn’t a step toward working for the president, just a political dead end.
Dems want to get rid of both Biden and Kamala by keeping him from running again, but what’s going to convince a hack at the end of his wits that he needs to step down and make way?
The party has to walk a fine line between publicly damaging Joe Biden in a way that would doom the party if he were to run and win, and persuading him that he ought to consider spending the rest of his life in a padded Delaware basement stocked with lots of ice cream.
Biden’s son is the leverage. During the election, Democrats and their media feverishly suppressed any coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop only to now revive the story. In recent weeks and months, the New York Times and the Washington Post have legitimized the laptop.
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