Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Costs of Biden’s Abdication of Leadership; Joe Biden promised to bring normality to the White House — instead, he’s been anything but

Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times
The costs of Biden’s abdication of leadership:
The line between peace and war is thin, but the line between regional and global conflict is thinner still. Russia has crossed one line. It is poised to cross others with the help of China, and the Biden White House appears to have no strategy to handle it.
Those on the left and the right, who have preached for more than a year that the Ukraine conflict is not worth our time or resources, must recognize now how a lack of U.S. leadership in one conflict can precipitate a cascade of events that imperil global security. Think of it as threat inflation.
The Biden White House has said that there will be “consequences” for China helping Russia in Ukraine. Always deft at global brinksmanship and testing the Biden administration’s resolve, six Chinese Air Force Y-20 transport planes delivered HQ-22 surface-to-air missile systems to Serbia. Add that country to the list of nations joining the China-dominated New Axis.
While the Biden White House is focused on spinning inflation as the “Putin price hike” and open borders, Serbia is increasingly looking like a Chinese or Russian proxy in the region. Apparently, there are no repercussions or even rhetorical response for the Chinese arming a European nation.
Communist China is moving into Europe militarily in a way we haven’t seen before. It’s doing it at a time when they should be cautious. They would be cautious if they saw real American leadership. --->READ MORE HERE
Joe Biden promised to bring normality to the White House — instead, he’s been anything but:
Joe Biden is falling down on his promise to bring normality back to the presidency for a basic reason — he’s not normal.
Biden’s long pedigree, conventional politics and contrast with Donald Trump suggested that he’d bring predictability and calm to the highest reaches of the nation’s politics.
The press touted this impending shift. A headline in The Financial Times announced, “Biden signals return to normality on first day as president.” The CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza opined, “The single most radical thing that Biden has done in his first 48 hours of being president is act totally and completely normally.”
Yeah, well, a funny thing happened on the way to renewed normality — President Biden has engaged in one bizarre escapade after another as he’s crashed his presidency into the rocks of incompetence, tone-deafness and stubbornly misplaced priorities.
It’s not normal for a president to say things flagrantly at odds with his own administration’s position, but there was Joe Biden the other day saying that Vladimir Putin is committing genocide in Ukraine.
This statement fared about as well as his declaration that Putin has to be removed from power, or the distinction he made between a Russian invasion and “minor incursion” at a press conference prior to the war.
The president, his aides said of his latest meandering, “spoke from his heart” (Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland), and “is allowed to make his views known at any point he would like” (White House press secretary Jen Psaki). --->READ MORE HERE
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