Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Biden’s solution to punishing Russia for war crimes would harm America; U.S., Britain, Canada pledge artillery for Ukraine; Lockheed Martin in Talks With Pentagon on Ukraine Weapons; Pentagon Says Allies Sent Aircraft to Ukraine, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Biden’s solution to punishing Russia for war crimes would harm America:
With each passing day, the body of evidence that Russian forces have committed war crimes in Ukraine grows. It’s clear the invasion has involved acts of brutality and outright murder that are not only immoral but illegal. The question, then, is what the civilized world is going to do about it.
The Biden administration’s answer seems to be that the United States should reverse its longstanding policy of opposition to the International Criminal Court in The Hague and let it take up the task of holding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime accountable. That would be a mistake: American policy has rightly held the ICC to be a typical example of an international organization that is fatally tainted by anti-American and anti-Israel bias. Since its inception, it has been painfully obvious that the ICC cannot be trusted to carry out any legal task fairly.
President Joe Biden’s anger about Russian depredations in Ukraine is shared by most Americans. But we mustn’t allow that anger to dictate a policy that is contrary to American interests. Given its history, it is inevitable that the ICC will use any US cooperation as a green light to engage in arbitrary prosecutions of Americans and continue the international community’s hateful campaign of delegitimization against Israel.
It should be equally clear that the administration’s interest in empowering the ICC has more to do with the Democratic Party’s irresponsible infatuation with multilateralism and world bodies like the United Nations than indignation about Russian misbehavior. --->READ MORE HERE
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U.S., Britain, Canada pledge artillery for Ukraine:
The leaders of the United States, Britain and Canada pledged on Tuesday to send more artillery weaponry to Ukraine in the face of an all-out Russian assault on that country's East.
U.S. President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acted after they and other allied leaders took part in a secure video call as the Russian invasion reached a new phase.
Biden is expected to announce in coming days another military aid package for Ukraine about the same size as the $800 million one announced last week, multiple sources familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.
If the aid package is as large as expected, it would bring total U.S. military aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded in February to well over $3 billion. read more
Asked by reporters during a visit to New Hampshire if the United States would be sending more artillery to Ukraine, Biden replied yes.
In London, Johnson told lawmakers: "This will become an artillery conflict, they need support with more artillery, that is what we will be giving them ... in addition to many other forms of support." --->READ MORE HERE
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