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Russia’s ‘battered’ Military Arsenal Laid Bare 2 Months Into ‘disastrous’ Ukraine War; Putin's mighty war machine on the SCRAPHEAP: After 2 months of fighting, Russia has now lost 873 tanks, 179 aircraft, 21,800 troops... and the pride of its navy is lying on the bottom of the Black Sea, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Russia’s ‘battered’ military arsenal laid bare two months into ‘disastrous’ Ukraine war:
RUSSIA's military has taken a harder knock than expected as the was in Ukraine rumbles on with a fiercer resistance than initially forecast. examines the state of Putin's arsenal two months into the war.
Russia invaded Ukraine by land, sea and air two months ago today, sparking a devastating conflict that has killed thousands of people and displaced millions. Before the invasion, as more than 100,000 Russian troops assembled near the Ukraine border, Russian troops were widely expected to outmatch their Ukrainian counterparts on the battlefield. However, a different picture has emerged during the ongoing war as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s army has been hampered by Ukrainian resistance, as well as a string of technical and organisational issues.
The state of the Russian military has been picked apart by defence expert Alexander Crowther.
The academic is a non-resident senior fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) and has held high-profile defence posts, including as the special assistant to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe.
In an essay for CEPA this month the expert explained how heavily financed reforms to Russia’s military over the last 15 years have not paid off.
He wrote: “Russia's dismal military performance in Ukraine has shown not only that it has failed to achieve several of its stated priorities, but also that it has ignored the basic building blocks central to the efficient working of military forces.” --->READ MORE HERE
Putin's mighty war machine on the SCRAPHEAP: After two months of fighting, Russia has now lost 873 tanks, 179 aircraft, 21,800 troops... and the pride of its navy is lying on the bottom of the Black Sea:
The scale of Russian troop losses in Ukraine has tipped 21,000 as Putin's war rumbles into its third month today.
The latest statistics, published by the Ukrainian Land Forces this morning, suggest 21,800 Russian fighters have been killed amid bitter resistance from Ukraine's armed forces and territorial defence units - though this figure could not be verified.
Meanwhile, the land forces claim to have dealt massive damage to Russia's military equipment and machinery.
A total of 873 tanks are said to have been destroyed, along with 2238 armoured vehicles, 179 planes, 154 helicopters and 408 artillery systems.
Putin's forces rolled across the border on February 24 from the north, east and south, and quickly made a beeline for Kyiv.
But they were forced to withdraw from the outskirts of the capital in late March and refocus their efforts on a targeted offensive in the eastern Donbas region after Ukraine successfully repelled their advances, inflicting heavy losses. --->READ MORE HERE
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