Sunday, April 17, 2022

Russia loses its 8TH general and 34th colonel in Ukraine in the latest hammer blow to Putin's botched invasion; Russia Warns of 'Unpredictable Consequences' After US Announces Another Arms Shipment to Ukr; Russia renews strikes on Ukraine capital, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Russia loses its EIGHTH general and 34th colonel in Ukraine in the latest hammer blow to Putin's botched invasion:
Russia lost its eighth general since the invasion of Ukraine in the latest blow to Vladimir Putin's botched war.
Major General Vladimir Frolov, deputy commander of the 8th Guards Combined Arms unit, was given a military funeral in St Petersburg earlier today.
It's not known how or where he died, but the timing of his funeral suggests Frolov was killed in the past few days.
His 8th Combined Arms Army was fighting in Kherson, near Crimea last month when commander Andrei Mordvichev was killed.
Frolov 'sacrificed his life so that children, women and the elderly in Donbas would not hear bombs exploding again', the St Petersburg governor said as his friend was laid to rest.
The general was from a military family and 'died the death of the brave in battle against Ukrainian nationalists', Alexander Beglov added. --->READ MORE HERE
Russia Warns of 'Unpredictable Consequences' After Biden Announces Another Arms Shipment to Ukraine:
Russia has protested against the U.S. sending military aid to Ukraine, warning of “unpredictable consequences.”
In a diplomatic note sent to the U.S. this week, Moscow expressed its opposition to the Biden administration assisting Ukraine, which is fiercely resisting a Russian invasion.
The Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C, forwarded the document — titled “On Russia’s concerns in the context of massive supplies of weapons and military equipment to the Kiev regime” — to the U.S. State Department.
The Washington Post reviewed a copy of the document, which was written in Russian and sent with an English translation.
The note came after President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that the U.S. would deliver a new $800 million arms package to Ukraine, including heavy artillery, armored vehicles and drones.
“We call on the United States and its allies to stop the irresponsible militarization of Ukraine, which implies unpredictable consequences for regional and international security,” Russia said in the diplomatic note, according to the Post. --->READ MORE HERE
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