Sunday, April 17, 2022

Abbott Ends Truck Inspections as Mexican Governors Accede to Security Demands; Texas Repeals Immigration Order That Caused Border Gridlock; Fourth Bus of Illegal Immigrants Arrives in DC, from Texas

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Abbott ends truck inspections as Mexican governors accede to security demands:
Gov. Greg Abbott announced the end of mandatory inspections of all commercial trucks entering Texas from Mexico after getting Mexican governors from four states to accede to his demands that they significantly boost border security.
State troopers will stop inspecting all incoming trucks entering the country following nine days of mandatory safety checks of all tractor-trailers that led to major delays and drew criticism from agricultural and business interests.
The declaration is significant, as it represents Abbott effectively bypassing the federal government to make his own deals with foreign officials, while the Biden administration takes a more passive approach to getting Mexico to do more at the border as the crisis heads into a second year unabated.
"Texas has now entered into border security enhancement agreements with Mexican governors of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Chihuahua, and Nuevo Leon," Abbott said during a press conference in Weslaco, Texas. "I understand the concern that businesses have about trying to move products across the bridge, but I also know the anger that Texans face and have that's caused by Joe Biden not securing the border. Texas will not tolerate an endless stream of illegal immigrants crossing the border, and we will increase our border security in light of President Biden's decision to eliminate Title 42 expulsions." --->READ MORE HERE
The El Paso Times via AP
Texas repeals immigration order that caused border gridlock:
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday repealed his traffic-clogging immigration order that backed up commercial trucks at the U.S.-Mexico border, after a week of intensifying backlash and fears of deepening economic losses.
The Republican governor dropped his new rules that had required all commercial trucks from Mexico to undergo extra inspections to curb the flow of migrants and drugs and ratcheted up a fight with the Biden administration over immigration policy.
Some truckers reported waiting more than 30 hours to cross. Others blocked one of the world’s busiest trade bridges in protest.
Abbott, who is up for reelection in November and has made the border his top issue, fully lifted the inspections after reaching agreements with neighboring Mexican states that he says outline new commitments to border security. The last one was signed Friday with the governor of Tamaulipas, who this week said the inspections were overzealous and created havoc.
When Abbott first ordered the inspections, he did not say lifting them was conditional on such arrangements with Mexico. --->READ MORE HERE
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Fourth migrant bus arrives in DC from Texas

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