Thursday, April 7, 2022

Opposing Sexual Abuse of Children is the New Hate; The Left Wants Pedophilia in the Curriculum and on the Supreme Court

After four days spent falsely accusing Justice Kavanaugh of sexual assault in high school, the Senate finally encountered a Supreme Court nominee with a horrifying sexual abuse record.
And we weren’t allowed to talk about it.
There is no way to know how many children had their lives ruined and their innocence stolen because Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson insisted on going easy on child pornography traffickers.
When Republicans tried to bring up Jackson’s horrifying actions, the media shouted them down.
The Los Angeles Times called Republicans asking Jackson basic questions about why Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to lock up pedophiles "sickening", Vanity Fair called it "vile", and Vox denounced it as "grotesque".
Do you know what’s truly sickening, vile and grotesque?
When sentencing one pedophile, Jackson claimed that his crimes which included possession of a video of a “pre-pubescent boy being penetrated anally and orally”, were not "particularly egregious".
227 leftists were arrested when they staged an insurrection during the Kavanaugh hearings because his high school yearbook contained a supposed coded reference to making out with a high school girl. The media “annotated” the yearbook of a man in his fifties speculating that “Orioles vs. Red Sox — Who Won, Anyway?” could be "jokes about being blackout drunk."
But we're not allowed to ask a judge who wants the top job in the country why she sentenced a violent child rapist to only 12 months with time served after he had lied about his whereabouts.
Instead of being locked up for a few years, he was out and committed another sexual assault, at which point Jackson once again went easy on him.
That didn’t happen in 1982, but in 2017. A year before the Kavanaugh hearings.
But if we talk about any of this, it’s “bigotry” and “hate”. Opposing the sexual abuse of children is the new hate. And every defender of sexually abusing children has jumped into the cause.
The Oscars, whose leading lights are responsible for more sexual assaults than an entire prison full of rapists, used their forum to attack Florida’s effort to protect children from sexual grooming in schools with the “Parental Rights Bill” which they and their media smear as, “Don’t Say Gay”.
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