Thursday, April 14, 2022

Kevin McCarthy Won't Commit to Biden Impeachment; Impeach Biden Over Border Treason

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McCarthy won't commit to Biden impeachment:
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy isn't chomping at the bit to impeach President Joe Biden.
McCarthy, who is positioned to be voted speaker by colleagues if Republicans win back control of the House in the midterm elections this November, was noncommittal when pressed on Fox News, arguing Democrats have weaponized impeachment in a way he does not want to replicate.
"Look, one thing we learned that the Democrats did is they used impeachment for political reasons," McCarthy told host Maria Bartiromo in an interview that aired Sunday.
"We believe in the rule of law." he added. "We’re not going to pick and choose just because somebody has power. We’re going to uphold the law. At any time, if someone breaks the law and the ramification becomes impeachment, we would move towards that, but we’re not going to use it for political purposes."
House Democrats led two successful impeachment efforts against former President Donald Trump. One involved the president's conduct with Ukraine. The other impeachment charge accused him of inciting the Capitol riot. Both times, Trump was acquitted by a GOP-led Senate. --->READ MORE HERE
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Impeach Biden over border treason
Summer invasion will be high political season
This White House is the most corrupt administration in modern history.
It is high time to impeach President Biden.
The Biden family’s rampant self-dealing, bribery and influence-peddling around the world is as shameless as it is obvious. Nobody even disputes the evidence anymore. Instead, they simply claim that it is “old news.”
After more than a year of claiming that all the evidence of family corruption contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop was “stolen” or “Russian disinformation” aimed at swaying the U.S. election, the media now admits that it is all true. But, they insist, it is no longer newsworthy since it was already reported — “reported” by some even as the media strenuously censored the news in order to get Mr. Biden elected.
The only people more corrupt than the Biden Crime Family are members of the media who lied to protect them and promote them into the White House. The craven Bidens would be powerless without the dishonest media.
Instead, the Bidens are multimillionaires.
After a lifetime on a federal government salary and a professor’s income, Mr. Biden and the first lady claimed $13 million in income over a two-year period before entering the White House. Nice work if you can get it. All the Bidens’ sleazy corruption — sprawling from Ukraine to China — has gotten so bad that even Democrats are starting to turn on the old codger. That — along with the media’s sudden admission that all the evidence is real and accurate — spells doom for Mr. Biden.
This presents a sterling political opportunity for Republicans. They should immediately begin preparing impeachment proceedings against the weakened Mr. Biden so that the minute they take control of Congress next January, they can get right to removing the president. --->READ MORE HERE
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