Thursday, April 14, 2022

House Republican Introduces Bill to Use Foreign Aid to Stop Migrant Caravans; Rep. Herrell Introduces Bill to Use Foreign Aid to Deport Illegal Immigrants, Stop Migrant Caravans

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House Republican introduces bill to use foreign aid to stop migrant caravans:
A House Republican is offering legislation that would use foreign aid to fund the deportation of illegal immigrants in an attempt to discourage caravans of migrants trying to enter the country.
The Anti-Caravan Act of 2022, introduced by Rep. Yvette Herrell on Thursday, would direct the State Department to use up to $60 million of foreign aid funding to pay for 70% of the cost of flights sending illegal immigrants to their home countries.
"Massive migrant caravans are a national security threat and an attack on the sovereignty of the United States. My legislation would use existing funds to repatriate aliens in cooperation with friendly Central American countries, whose communities and indigenous peoples are also being harmed by illegal caravans," the congressman from New Mexico said in a statement sent to Fox News.
The bill would also require the State Department to provide funding to countries that have adopted policies meant to deter illegal immigration to the United States. This would include funding for the detention of immigrants, processing relevant cases, and funding flights to send them to their home countries. --->READ MORE HERE
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Rep. Herrell introduces bill to use foreign aid to deport illegal immigrants, stop migrant caravans:
Border Patrol has been seeing large groups of migrants hitting the border
Rep. Yvette Herrell, R-N.M., on Thursday introduced legislation that would see the U.S. use foreign aid to pay to deport illegal immigrants, as part of an effort to push back against caravans of migrants coming to the U.S.
The Anti-Caravan Act of 2022 directs the State Department to use $60 million of already appropriated funding for foreign aid to pay for up to 70% of the cost of repatriation flights for illegal immigrants from Central America to their home countries.
It also would require the State Dept. to develop a program to provide the money to countries that have a policy that deters illegal migration to the U.S. That funding would be used for detention, processing cases and repatriation flights. Herrell's office said that the money is not derived from anti-drug money to Colombia or to confront Venezuela's Maduro regime, and instead is for money appropriated to stop illegal immigration.
The legislation would also make migrants who participate in a caravan – defined as a group of 25 or more people – ineligible for asylum for 10 years. Caravan organizers would be ineligible for 30 years and face potential prison sentence of a minimum of 10 years. The bill also states that asylum seekers must request asylum via a port of entry. --->READ MORE HERE
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