Friday, April 1, 2022

Fort Hood Soldiers Sentenced in Immigrant Smuggling Case; Two Soldiers Sentenced in Texas Human Smuggling Scheme

Fort Hood soldiers sentenced in immigrant smuggling case:
Two soldiers were sentenced to federal prison for their roles in transporting illegal immigrants across Texas, a charge to which they pleaded guilty late last year.
On Friday, U.S. District Judge Marina Garcia Marmolejo sentenced Isaiah Gore to 30 months in prison after he pleaded guilty to recruiting other soldiers to smuggle illegal immigrants across Border Patrol checkpoints. His counterpart, Denerio Williams, received a 24-month sentence after pleading guilty to driving the transport vehicles to specific locations in Texas in exchange for money. The two soldiers must also serve three years of supervised release after the end of their sentences.
The judge said the sentences were harsher than usual because the active-duty soldiers are “not the average citizen” and used their Army status to evade detection.
Authorities caught Emmanuel Oppongagyare and Ralph Gregory Saint-Joie, two other active-duty soldiers awaiting sentences in this case, at a Border Patrol checkpoint on June 13, 2021, smuggling illegal immigrants in the back of their car. The two were wearing their Army uniforms at the time of arrest, officials said. --->READ MORE HERE
File Photo: Bob Price/Breitbart Texas
Two Soldiers Sentenced in Texas Human Smuggling Scheme:
A federal court sentenced two soldiers from Fort Hood, Texas, to prison following an incident where they conspired to smuggle migrants from the border region into the U.S. interior. The two soldiers received sentences of 24 and 30 months after pleading guilty in January.
U.S. District Judge Marina Garcia Marmolejo sentenced Isaiah Gore, 21, and Denerio Williams, 22, to 30 months and 23 months in federal prison respectively. The two active-duty soldiers pleaded guilty in January to their role in a human smuggling scheme that came to light in June 2021, The Laredo Morning Times reported.
In June 2021, Border Patrol assigned to an interior checkpoint near Hebbronville, Texas, arrested 20-year-old Emmanuel Oppongagyare (Pennsylvania National Guard) and 18-year-old Ralph Gregory Saint-Joie (regular Army) for attempting to smuggle to migrants into the U.S. interior, Breitbart Texas reported. Both active-duty Fort Hood soldiers wore their uniforms during the smuggling attempt.
Oppongagyare and Saint-Joie pleaded guilty to the smuggling charges and are awaiting sentencing, the local newspaper reported. Oppongagyare told the court that Gore recruited them to pickup the migrants in McAllen and transport them to San Antonio. --->READ MORE HERE
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