Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Still-Masked Among Us: They are everywhere; Some School Districts Still Forcing Children to Mask Up: ‘I Hope the Public Will Understand’ , and other C-Virus related stories

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The Still-Masked Among Us:
They are everywhere, and most of them are not elderly, obese, or suffering from compromised immune systems. They never needed the face masks they wear, as most human beings never needed the COVID-19 masks they wore.
For the elderly, obese, or immunocompromised, we say, go ahead, continue to wear the mask. Doing so might save you from the coronavirus. It might also save you from becoming a flu death statistic.
Those among us who are perfectly healthy and remain dutifully masked despite the general lifting of mask mandates are making a political statement. For them, the masks meant something they continue to hold dear, cannot relinquish.
The masks were an important, probably the most important tool in the toolbox needed to destroy President Trump and the threat he posed to the Deep State and Democrat ruling class. For that ruling class, the masks were an evil genius deployment in a pseudo-crisis; for those who continue masking despite good health, the end of mandated masking abandons them to an unsure condition of political flux. The masks represent a kind of yoke, and to the still-masked among us, the end of masking means a return to an uneasy freedom that could lead to a vast majority of voters coming to their senses and re-electing Trump, for what many are convinced will be the second time.
But it is much more than Donald Trump they fear. --->READ MORE HERE
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Some School Districts Still Forcing Children to Mask Up: ‘I Hope the Public Will Understand’
Some school districts across the country are continuing to force children to mask up, even as states lift their remaining statewide mask mandates.
On Thursday, Northampton, Massachusetts, school board members voted 6-1 to force children to continue to muzzle their faces in school settings.
“I hope the public will understand . . . for now,” the School Committee vice chair Gwen Agna said after the vote. Committee member Michael Stein also voted for the measure, describing it as “one of the few remaining mitigation strategies” against the Chinese coronavirus. Notably, the level of transmission in Northampton is “low.”
The vote comes despite the fact the Board of Health voted to end the mask mandate March 10. Further, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) lifted the state-sanctioned school mask mandate on February 28, leaving the decision in the hands of local bureaucrats, some of whom remain determined to continue to mask up children.
Meanwhile, across the country, children who are part of the Los Angeles Unified School District are dealing with the same issue, as masks are still required, prompting protest from parents this week. --->READ MORE HERE
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