Friday, February 4, 2022

While Biden Worries About Ukraine, 13,000 Russians Invaded U.S. Border; The US Southern Border Saw a Growing Number of Migrants from Russia, Ukraine, and Other Distant Countries Last Month, and related stories

While Biden Worries About Ukraine, 13,000 Russians Invaded U.S. Border"
Are the Russians invading the Ukraine or the United States? Currently, it seems like a lot more of them have been crossing our border.
Maybe we could take a break from pondering where Russians will invade the Ukraine and ask why our government is failing to secure our border against the Russians and the entire world.
The migrants making their way to the border included more than 2,000 Russians and 300 Ukrainians. Most arrived or were discovered at a legal port of entry in San Diego, California, according to the data.

In mid-December, 18 Russian migrants were discovered in two vehicles that collided after a Border officer fired his gun to stop them from speeding through an inspection station at the San Diego port of entry, according to a release from Customs and Border Protection.
The current data seems to suggest we've had 13,420 Russians show up in 2021. That's a marked increase which seems to have been concentrated around the summer and fall. --->READ MORE HERE
Luis Cortes / Eyepix Group/Future Pub via Getty Images
The US southern border saw a growing number of migrants from Russia, Ukraine, and other distant countries last month:
A growing number of migrants from Russia and Ukraine were discovered at the US-Mexico border last month, according to Department of Homeland Security data.
Axios reported that migrants from Mexico and the Northern Triangle – which consists of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador – have historically been the largest group of people at the border, but last month an uptick was caused by people traveling from other countries including some oceans away.
In December, over 2,000 Russians and 300 Ukrainians made their way to the border. Axios reported most of them had either arrived or were found at a legal port of entry in San Diego, California.
By comparison, only 53 Russians were found at the US-Mexico border in December of the previous year.
Russians and Ukrainians aren't the only demographic of migrants making their way to the Southern border in large numbers: Over 800 people from India illegally crossed the border into Yuma, Arizona, Axios reported.
More than 500 Turkish migrants also crossed into El Paso, Texas. Migrants from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela made up close to 53,000 people who crossed the border, according to DHS data. --->READ MORE HERE
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