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School Assigns Seventh Graders to Read Novel Glamorizing Illegal Immigration; Fairfax County Public Schools Teacher Assigned 7th Graders Book On Illegal Immigration

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School Assigns Seventh Graders to Read Novel Glamorizing Illegal Immigration:
A Virginia parent says his seventh grade daughter was assigned to read a book meant to “elicit sympathy” for illegal immigrants.
At the end of January, Michael Erickson’s daughter and her classmates were assigned the 2007 novel “Crossing the Wire” by Will Hobbs.
The novel promotes a “leftist-leaning philosophy that we should just open up the borders and take whoever we want,” Erickson told The Daily Signal during a phone interview Tuesday.
Erickson’s daughter, whom he prefers not to name, attends Katherine Johnson Middle School in Fairfax, Virginia, about 20 miles west of Washington, D.C.
When he learned about the reading assignment for English class, Erickson did some research on Hobbs’ novel, which tells the story of 15-year-old Victor Flores and his harrowing journey north from Mexico to cross the border into America.
The novel depicts Flores’ goal as to find work and support his impoverished family. The boy hops trains, stows away in vehicles, and walks miles in the desert. --->READ MORE HERE
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Fairfax County Public Schools Teacher Assigned 7th Graders Book On Illegal Immigration:
An English teacher at a northern Virginia middle school assigned seventh graders a book that depicts a teen illegally crossing the southern U.S. border, according to communications obtained by the Daily Caller.
Michael Erickson, whose child is enrolled in Fairfax County Public Schools, told the Daily Caller that a Katherine Johns Middle School teacher assigned his daughter’s class the book “Crossing the Wire,” by Will Hobbs. The book depicts a teenage boy as “he makes the dangerous journey across the Mexican border into the United States,” the book description reads.
Erickson told Principal Tammara Silipigni and assistant principal Michele Johnson that he objected to the “politically insensitive” book being taught to “impressionable” seventh graders. The duo referred Erickson to a book “reconsideration” form, wherein he could briefly express his concerns. He told the Daily Caller that the process is inadequate and “cumbersome.”
“You fail to inform parents about which specific books your teachers will use and then you seem to have purposefully created a process for parents objecting to instructional materials that is so difficult and cumbersome that most parents will be cowed into submission and reluctant to follow through with the process,” Erickson said in an email to Johnson. --->READ MORE HERE
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