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Natural Immunity Denialism Responsible for Needless COVID-19 Discrimination, Job Losses; The Hysterical Woke Can’t Cope With Post-Trump, Post-COVID World, and other C-Virus related stories

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Natural Immunity Denialism Responsible for Needless COVID-19 Discrimination, Job Losses:
In a superb opinion piece in The Hill on Feb. 3, Drs. Jeffrey Klausner and Noah Kojima lauded the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for finally recognizing that naturally acquired immunity to COVID-19 is superior to that induced through vaccination.
That was the undeniable conclusion of a study conducted in California and New York.
Understandably, as medical professionals, the authors did not take the extra step of blaming the CDC for nearly two years of botched policy.
Instead, they explained that the new report “finally acknowledges what many have suspected for a long time—that surviving COVID-19 provides excellent natural immunity not only [to] repeat infection, but also to hospitalization and death for the delta variant of COVID-19.”
Klausner and Kojima are too generous. The scientific fact of naturally acquired immunity has not merely been “suspected” for some time. It was well-established through numerous rigorous, large-scale studies, including—but not limited to—one from the Cleveland Clinic (last June), another from Israel (last August), and a third from Qatar (last December), all of which confirm what humans have known for centuries; namely, recovering from a viral infection confers (often long-lasting) immunity.
Instead of incorporating this incontrovertible evidence into its COVID-19 vaccination guidance and recommending that recovered individuals should be exempt from mandates, for months the CDC doubled down on its false mantra that vaccine-induced immunity is superior to that following recovery from the virus, so everyone should get the vaccine. --->READ MORE HERE
The hysterical woke can’t cope with post-Trump, post-COVID world:
Hysteria has kept woke Democrats in business for nearly six years.
It all began with Trump. To Democrats and their “mainstream” media echo chambers, he wasn’t merely a bad president. No, his cavalier way with facts (never before heard of in politics!), mean-spirited rhetoric (for the first time in history!) and impulse to rein in regulatory excess (lock him up!) made him a threat to democracy before he even took office.
The mania — including an obsession with Russia Russia Russia and the mistaken belief that Trump had colluded with Putin to win the presidency — drove progressives to CNN’s screaming chyrons like junkies toward smack.
By the time Trump truly did overstep — with his mendacious effort to delegitimize Joe Biden’s presidential victory in 2020 — the Democrats had moved on to a hysteria even more insidious. The pandemic, of course. Propelled by propaganda about infrequent, short-lived instances of “overwhelmed hospitals,” the fear factor gave cover for every woke pipedream. Normally sane people were so scared, they put up with locked-down stores, offices, restaurants, schools and still off-limits subway toilets. The government, without resistance, seized control over business, our social lives and even the number of inches between masked-up school kids.
Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo went so far as to limit movie theater capacity to exactly 33% even though he sent thousands of elderly COVID victims to certain deaths in nursing homes. This wasn’t “following the science.” Cuomo was, like his fellow power-hungry Democrats, high on public paranoia, issuing edicts based on whims. Biden even embarked on a $3 trillion remaking of American society — all in the name of a Covid “emergency,” of course. --->READ MORE HERE
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