Friday, February 11, 2022

One Hispanic Man Was Responsible for a 344% Increase in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes: What happens when you don’t prosecute criminals and you lie about crime

Yesterday I passed a big splashy #StopAAPIHate slogan graffitied across the side of a mall by some woke corporation trying to look edgy. Underneath the bleeding black letters, a chain of homeless encampments clotted the curb making it entirely impossible for anyone to pass by.
From inside a dirty tent that might once have been green came a stream of deranged profanity.
A significant portion of the attacks on Asian people, often elderly, that triggered the proliferation of #StopAAPIHate hashtags was generated by the mentally unstable drug addicts who populate streets like this with the benevolent permission of California’s Democrat overlords.
Those same politicians then hold press conferences which blame attacks on elderly Asians on Trump supporters and offer “solidarity” in place of law enforcement and police protection.
“San Francisco says anti-Asian and Pacific Islander hate crimes up 567% in early data,” media headlines declare. That’s a pretty big number, but it just means that they rose from 9 to 60.
Of those 60, 31 or 344% are being blamed in some reports on one man: Derik Barreto.
In one of the most San Francisco hate crimes imaginable, Barreto allegedly rode around on a scooter, using a slingshot to smash the windows of Asian businesses for five months.
At which point he was released again.
Barreto didn’t just smash the windows of Asian businesses, but of different types of businesses, and he also robbed some of the businesses he attacked, but apparently he told the police that he didn’t like Asian people.
Soros DA Chesa Boudin tried to impress an angry Asian community furious at him for enabling a crime wave by throwing the book at Barreto and hitting him with hate crime enhancements, but it was a very small book. And there were complaints that Barreto was still on the loose.
But then so is every criminal who hasn’t actually committed mass murder in broad daylight.
Records appear to show a man going by the name of Derik L. Barreto had been arrested in 2015 for "Assault w/Deadly Weapon Or Assault w/Force Likely To Produce GBI", "Threats Of Violence", and "Vandalism $5000 Or More". Next year he was busted for driving with a suspended license. In 2020, there was another arrest for burglary and vandalism. In the summer of 2021, there were multiple arrests for burglary, vandalism, possession of burglar's tools, carrying a concealed weapon and use of a deadly or dangerous weapon.
And the added hate crimes enhancements.
Read the rest from Daniel Greenfield HERE

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