Friday, February 11, 2022

COMING ATTRACTIONS? Brits Told To Reduce Living Standards As Govt Spends Millions Per Day Housing Refugees In Hotels; Home Office Admits it is Spending Almost £5million PER DAY on Housing Asylum Seekers in Hotels - Almost FOUR Times the Figure it Gave to MPs Probing Channel Crossings

Brits Told To Reduce Living Standards As Govt Spends Millions Per Day Housing Refugees In Hotels:
Brits are being told to reduce their living standards and tighten their belts even as it’s announced that the government is spending £4.7 million pounds a day on housing refugees in hotels.
Yes, really.
Earlier today, the Bank of England said citizens must prepare for the biggest fall in their standard of living for decades since records began.
GDP estimates have been slashed while interest rates have been raised as the Bank says inflation will surpass 7 per cent.
However, there’s plenty of money for illegal migrants arriving on boats.
UK taxpayers were initially told that the bill for asylum seekers’ accommodation was £1.2 million a day. --->READ MORE HERE
Home Office admits it is spending almost £5million PER DAY on housing asylum seekers in hotels - almost FOUR times the figure it gave to MPs probing Channel crossings:
The Home Office was forced today to admit it is spending £4.7million every day on housing asylum seekers in hotels - four times as much as it has previously admitted.
The department was forced to issuing a correction after a senior civil servant at the department yesterday told MPs the figure was £1.2million per day, as Priti Patel was quizzed on Channel crossings.
In fact the figure given by Tricia Hayes to the Home Affairs Committee related only to Afghan refugees.
An additional £3.5 million a day is being spent, the Government said, in accommodating asylum seekers from elsewhere.
It is understood the incorrect total arose from a drafting error. There are 25,000 asylum seekers and 12,000 Afghan refugees in hotels, making a total of 37,000, the Home Office also clarified.
This works out at a cost of £127 per person per day. --->READ MORE HERE
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