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Joe Biden Boasts About Buying ‘Made in America,’ Spends Over $1 Billion on Coronavirus Tests Made in China; Psaki Defends Buying $1.3B Worth of COVID Rapid Tests from Chinese Company, and other C-Virus related stories

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Joe Biden Boasts About Buying ‘Made in America,’ Spends Over $1 Billion on Coronavirus Tests Made in China:
President Joe Biden boasted on Friday that the federal government was finally purchasing goods “Made in America” just weeks after buying coronavirus tests made in China.
“I made it clear, that when the federal government spends taxpayer dollars we buy American products. American products, made in America,” Biden said, adding there had only been “very few exceptions” to the rule.
The president commented on his “Buy American” efforts during a speech at the White House about the January jobs report.
“It’s always been the law, it’s very seldom ever followed,” he said, about the principal to ensure government purchases American-made products. “Now it’s a reality, not an empty promise.”
Biden did not mention the federal government signed a $1.28 billion contract with China’s Andon Health Co., Ltd. in January to purchase over $250 million coronavirus self-test kits. --->READ MORE HERE
Psaki defends buying $1.3B worth of COVID rapid tests from Chinese company:
Pressed on why the Biden administration bought $1.3 billion worth of Chinese-made COVID-19 rapid tests being shipped to Americans, Jen Psaki insisted there wasn’t enough US capacity to meet demand — despite some domestic manufacturers reducing production last year due to a drop in orders.
“The Chinese company Andon Health owns iHealth, which is one of the providers — they signed a $1.3 billion contract with the Pentagon last month for these tests,” Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein said at Psaki’s Wednesday briefing.
“Is the administration concerned about [the] optics and messaging of sending something to Americans’ homes that says ‘made in China’ on it?”
Psaki said “[we] needed to meet a need that we had in this country for more tests [due to] a shortage of tests and the understandable demand from people across this country to get tests and make them free and accessible, which required us purchasing some of those tests from China in order to meet that demand. --->READ MORE HERE
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