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Even After Court Ruling, Biden Admin is Killing 'Remain in Mexico' Anyway; Fewer Than 300 Asylum Seekers Enrolled in ‘Remain in Mexico’ After Biden Gutted Policy: Tens of Thousands Placed in Mexico Under Trump, and related stories

Even After Court Ruling, Biden Admin is Killing 'Remain in Mexico' Anyway:
There are two ways to kill a program. One is by overtly throwing it out the window and the other is by refusing to implement it.
The Remain in Mexico policy was the most successful element of the Trump administration's immigration policy. It was so successful that Biden did his best to kill it.
Remain in Mexico meant that migrants from around the world (and they were coming from around the world, including China and Pakistan) couldn't use Mexico as a gateway to enter America. That was good for both America and Mexico.
A court-ordered decision by a federal judge (I disagree with the decision on legal grounds, but it's essentially payback for federal judges deciding that DACA was binding on the Trump administration) forced the Biden administration to resume it. --->READ MORE HERE
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Fewer Than 300 Asylum Seekers Enrolled in ‘Remain in Mexico’ After Biden Gutted Policy:
Tens of thousands placed in Mexico under Trump
The Department of Homeland Security has revealed fewer than 300 asylum seekers were returned to Mexico under the Migrant Protection Protocols program in December, vindicating concerns from immigration hawks that President Joe Biden would gut the program despite a court order.
In total, 267 migrants were enrolled in the program last month, according to a DHS document first obtained by Fox News. None from Mexico or the Northern Triangle—the areas with the highest migrant activity—were enrolled in the program.
Commonly known as the "Remain in Mexico" policy, MPP was first implemented under former president Donald Trump in 2019 as a response to rising migration on the southern border. Biden repealed MPP during his first month in office, although court orders forced his administration to reimplement the policy in November. Under Trump, about 68,000 migrants were placed in Mexico under the program. According to a study from the left-leaning Migration Policy Institute, Remain in Mexico correlated with a drop in migration through Mexico.
"MPP is still dead, and the court-ordered relaunch is all for show. We know it and so do migrants and smugglers," said R.J. Hauman, director of government relations and communications at the Federation for American Immigration Reform. "Border numbers are still through the roof. … The Biden administration isn’t acting in good faith—they're mocking the courts." --->READ MORE HERE
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