Monday, February 7, 2022

Georgia Republicans Draft Legal Giveaways to ILLEGALS

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Republican legislators in Georgia are trying to dodge debate over the rising cheap-labor migration into their state — but they also are drafting bills that would steer more illegal migrants into the jobs and homes needed by young Georgians.
“Those of us who are in the [Georgia] Capitol for the last 18 years know that the big business lobby run by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce does not want any discussion about the hidden costs of black-market labor,” said D.A. King, founder of the Dustin Inman Society, which opposes illegal migration.
“Most legislators under Georgia’s gold-domed capitol would rather have a root canal while sitting in a chair of broken glass than discuss black-market labor and illegal migration in Georgia,” King told Breitbart News.
The state is home to at least 400,000 illegal migrants and roughly 800,000 legal migrants, according to a 2020 estimate by a pro-migration group. Companies also ship in foreign workers, often illegally, to take low-wage, shorter-term jobs that would otherwise provide family wages to Georgians. In 2020, for example, then-GOP Rep. Doug Collins stopped an illegal scheme to import Korean construction workers for a battery factory in Jackson County.
The stealthy push for more migration into Georgia is just one of many state-level campaign efforts to get around the GOP’s voter-enforced opposition to President Joe Biden’s planned amnesties and migration expansions. The state campaigns hope to extract more migrant workers, consumers, and renters from poor countries for use in the U.S. economy. In Illinois, for example, the Chicago Sun-Times reported January 26 about plans to expand cheap healthcare aid to migrants:
[Angelica] Garcia, 51, of West Chicago, is among those pushing for Illinois to expand a health care program to more [illegal] immigrants like herself. Garcia, who volunteers at the cultural hub Casa Michoacan in suburban West Chicago, was among a group of … advocates Wednesday who detailed the economic and health care reforms they support.

Last year, Illinois expanded a Medicaid-like program that provides health insurance coverage to [illegal] immigrants who are 55 and older, the Associated Press reported. Garcia said she doesn’t qualify for that program because of her age. She and others want the program to expand to include other [illegal] immigrants like herself.
In New York City, advocates have passed a law allowing illegals to vote. In California, advocates have passed laws that provide taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegals. In Virginia, advocates want to start putting illegals on public healthcare programs — but that will likely be blocked by elected Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin. In Texas, the GOP-led government is working to block migrants that are being welcomed by Biden’s federal agencies.
In Georgia, the HB 999 bill is a school-choice bill that would quietly provide state K-12 education funds to illegal migrants.
Advocates are rushing to pass the bill during the state’s legislature 40-day session, which ends April 4.
The HB 999 bill would send $6,000 per child into a “consumer-directed account” for private-school tuition, allowing many parents to keep their kids out of the federal K-12 pro-diversity schools. But the bill has no requirement excluding illegal immigrants. The bill is sponsored by GOP Reps. Wes Cantrell (Ga-22), Kasey Carpenter (Ga-4), Heath Clark (Ga-147), and several Democratic legislators, according to an article on King’s website, --->READ MORE HERE
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