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Soros General Demands Purge of Military: While Democrats go after dead Confederate generals, we ought to look at living Soros generals; Woke Generals Lead to Decline in Trust for Officers; Americans May Finally Be Losing Confidence In The Woke Military

Soros General Demands Purge of Military:
While Democrats go after dead Confederate generals, we ought to look at living Soros generals.
The United States has Soros prosecutors who have turned our cities into violent hellholes where criminals run loose, Soros politicians who wage war on this nation from the ramparts of their offices, and Soros generals who advocate for political purges of the nation’s military.
Recently the Washington Post ran an op-ed from three retired generals, Antonio Taguba, an immigrant who had accused America of war crimes during the fight against Islamic terrorists in Iraq, Steven Anderson, a board member of the left-wing VoteVets, and Paul Eaton, a senior VoteVets adviser, urging that the military prepare for a "2024 insurrection" in proper Soviet style.
The three left-wing ex-generals called for "intensive intelligence work" to "identify, isolate and remove potential mutineers" and "guard against efforts by propagandists."
A Commie commissar couldn’t have said it any better than Taguba, Anderson, and Eaton.
These “propagandists” and “mutineers” are not the members of the pro-Hillary “Resistance” who pledged to undermine and sabotage the Trump administration in 2016. Nor are they the Democrats who insisted that President George W. Bush was illegitimately elected.
Only conservatives are up for the purge.
Or as Eaton had tweeted before the election, “The empty shirt in the White House deserves your contempt. Aiding and abetting is treason. What American could vote for such a person? I know: a traitor.”
That’s rich coming from the board member of a Hungarian Nazi collaborator’s pet project.
Shortly thereafter Eaton spoke to NPR which, like the Washington Post, did not bother identifying VoteVets as a left-wing group or explaining to readers that his hatred for Republicans knows no bounds. Nor did it inform readers or listeners that Eaton is a board member of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft which was co-funded by George Soros. --->READ MORE HERE
Woke Generals Lead to Decline in Trust for Officers:
Here at Front Page Magazine, we've spent a lot of time covering the radicalization of the military with our Disloyal Military section and pamphlets like Disloyal: How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country, and the consequences of woke brass destroying public trust does not surprise us.
Pushing critical race theory and calling for purges of conservatives is going to have consequences. And we're seeing the beginning of that in the Gallup polling numbers.
Military officers' ethics rating has declined 10 points since Gallup last measured it, in 2017, while TV reporters' has fallen nine points over the same period. Both declines are mainly the result of reduced acclaim from Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. --->READ MORE HERE
Americans May Finally Be Losing Confidence In The Woke Military:
No institution is exempt from the American public’s growing distrust of the federal government. Even the military, which has traditionally enjoyed broad support from Americans of all political stripes, is now seeing its otherwise pristine image take a hit.
According to a survey the Ronald Reagan Institute recently published, trust in the military has plummeted precipitously. Perpetual wars and the ongoing “woke” experimentation taking place within the military have made the public significantly jaded about the military. Ironically, the mainstream Right has grown more hostile toward it.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson has made it part of his routine to ridicule the American military’s latest efforts to implement culturally leftist policies. Other right-wing pundits have piled on in lambasting America’s woke military, showcasing a remarkable decline in the American Right’s trust in America’s armed forces.
Such scenarios would have been almost unheard of in the early aughts. The Bush era was a time when it was common to see conservatives donning decals and bumper stickers that read “If You Can’t Stand Behind Our Troops Feel Free to Stand in Front of Them.”
Those sentiments have completely reversed in the era of the “Great Awokening,” when virtually all entities—public and private—have been enveloped by the diversity, inclusion, and equity mania. As a result, entities like big business and the military, which the American Right usually holds in high esteem, are now the objects of ridicule and derision. --->READ MORE HERE
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